Sony: 99% of PS4 games can run on PS5

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry


September 20th 2020

 Sony PlayStation 5 will be launched in a few major regions on November 12, and a series of new games will be launched at the same time. However, users will also be able to play various PS4 games on PS5.

In an interview with the "Washington Post", Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Lane said that "thousands of" games have been tested for backward compatibility, and most of them can run normally. He said The number is "99%", which means that PS4 games will not run on Sony’s new consoles will be very rare .

Sony initially confirmed that the PS5 will be able to run most of the PS4 "top 100" games, but later stated that the system will support "the vast majority" of PS4 games.

Unfortunately, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will not be able to run PS1, PS2, or PS3 games , and only those games on these consoles that were later ported to PS4 can run on the new system.

This is different from what Microsoft does on Xbox Series X, which supports all Xbox One games that do not use Kinect, and any previous generations of Xbox games that have been backward compatible on Xbox One. Xbox One was not backward compatible at first, but added this feature through software updates midway through the game console's life cycle. Subsequently, Microsoft began to provide free Xbox 360 and Xbox games monthly in the "Games With Gold" program.

we learned that Ryan also told The Washington Post that he expects the PS4's lifespan to continue for "three to four years" and the system will continue to be supported. "If we do a good job, many people will transition to PS5, we hope so, but there are still tens of millions of people who will be in contact with PS4." Lane said.

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