Skullcandy Indy Evo Review: A detail analysis and comparison with Indy

Samuel Alekseeva

Samuel Alekseeva


August 19th 2020

Speaking of skullcandy earphones, the first thing people think of is its appearance that subverts the traditional personality of earphones. Skullcandy was originally born in extreme sports and is an avid supporter of music, trends, extreme sports and other fields. Its products reveal freedom and unruly. Rebellious and daring are the main ingredients of Skullcandy’s brand identity, although skullcandy has not a long history of establishment, but in terms of sound quality and appearance, it has the strength to challenge traditional headset manufacturers. And was once rated as the coolest headset in the world by Forbes. As an audio company, Skullcandy's perception in the market is often described as a colorful and trendy brand designs. Even the sound Skullcandy makes reflects rowdiness.  It will not be wrong if I say; Skullcandy's real skill lies in the powerful bass effect.

Skullcandy has been constantly innovating in the past two years. From last year’s Skullcandy INDY to the acclaimed Sesh. Sesh was highly rated in the sound industry. Every step Skullcandy is taking is steadily moving them forward. With no exception, this year Skullcandy has released a new pair of wireless earphone, an improved version of Skullcandy INDY called INDY EVO.

Let us compare both earphones and see whether INDY EVO has better things to offer than its previous generation.

Low-key design and lightweight

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Both INDY and INDY EVO adopt a true wireless design, but compared with mainstream products on the market, the two devices are much thicker and larger; and if the two devices are compared with each other, the brand new INDY EVO is little smaller than INDY. However, neither of the two products has anything to do with "heavy". It feels lighter in your hand, so there is a chance you might accidentally forget them in your jacket pocket sometimes.

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Skullcandy has designed 7 different colors for INDY and 3 different colors for INDY EVO. The two models I got in my hand are relatively low-key black and gray colors, but Skullcandy INDY is much darker and more pure, and looks a little more stable. While Skullcandy INDY EVO is grayer, and looks relatively lively.

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Skullcandy INDY

Skullcandy INDY clearly highlights the brand name above the opening and closing gap on the front, which not only expresses individuality, but also facilitates users to open and close the box. Three que lights (charging indicator) are designed on the front of the fuselage, and users can learn about the power status of the charging box by raising the lights. Over all the charging case could have been better.

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Skullcandy INDY EVO

The design of Skullcandy INDY EVO is much more rounded. The charging case is not marked with the brand name. Designers have replaced the brand name with the brand LOGO. The gray stitching at the seam between the upper cover and the box is the finishing touch to the design of the charging case. Skullcandy INDY EVO also hides the authentication icon (serial number) in the lid like AirPods, which looks a bit refreshing.

Unlike the larger style difference on the charging box, the design of Skullcandy INDY and Skullcandy INDY EVO on the headset is more similar. Both have a long handle design, and both have a touchpad on the back of the headset and an indicator light on the top. Only after careful observation, we found that Skullcandy INDY EVO has three more microphones, and this makes the two have some differences in specific functions.

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In order to ensure user comfort and stability when wearing, Skullcandy is equipped with anti-drop silicone sleeves for Indy and Indy Evo. Although there are differences in design, the specific wearing experience is very comfortable, the fit is also good, and it will not feel as loose as Air Pods.

Clear voice, sound insulation and noise reduction

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The sound quality is not always Skullcandy’s strong point. Their previous versions of Headphone sounded average however, I must say the bass sound of skullcandy headphones are always phenomenon.  It is not the case for Skullcandy INDY and Skullcandy INDY EVO. The sound quality of these headphones are remarkable. Considering that, the difference in sound quality between the two is not particularly obvious, and the style orientation is relatively similar.

Lets talk about how the sounds feels for both

Skullcandy used to dominate the world with its powerful bass effects, but INDY and INDY EVO did not continue the tradition in this regard. In fact, the two headphones have done some restraint in the bass, and in turn strengthened the performance of the human voice. This may not be a good thing for the boomers who are pursuing strong bass performance, but it is precisely this change. This makes both models more resistant to listening, and more suitable for the daily listening needs of the general user group.

In Cultura Profetica's "Ley Natural", both headphones can show the effect of bass performance very well, and will not interfere with the low frequency of the song. At the same time, both headphones have made some enhancements on the high and mid frequencies, which makes the performance of the human voice very clear and bright.

In Toro y Moi's "Girl Like You", the two pairs of headphones also performed well. The entire song has many synthetic heavy bass, but the vocal performance is still clear and loud.

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Nowadays, many users have the habit of using EQ to adjust the performance style of headphones, and Skullcandy provides three EQ modes on INDY EVO for users to choose from, namely music, podcast and movie modes. However, INDY has no EQ mode to choose from. The music mode in INDY EVO is a bit of an unnatural. The tri-band separation is not well done. The overall sound is dull and muddy, so it is not recommended. The podcast mode is to highlight the human voice by further weakening the low frequency, which can indeed bring a better podcast reception experience. Therefore, podcast junkies this ear bud is for you. In my opinion, the performance of the movie mode is the most balanced, various musical instrument effects sounds better.  For General leisure entertainment purposes, INDY EVO is definitely enough.

It is worth mentioning that, because both the earphones provide a very good fit, they have a good passive noise reduction effect in daily use. They do a good job in blocking low-frequency noise (such as engine rumble). I have said good not outstanding keep in mind. However, in the mid-frequency range (the sound of the fan), they are very successful. In addition, even at high volume, neither earphone leaks, so you can use it in a quiet office and library.

As a Bluetooth headset, in addition to having a good sound quality performance, the microphone's radio effect is also a concern of consumers. At this particular situation, INDY EVO performs much better than INDY with its more powerful hardware configuration.

In a quiet environment, INDY can complete the call task very well. Although the radio effect is a bit muddy, but sound is loud and clear, and the opposite party can hear what you are saying clearly. However, once the scene is changed to a noisy bus or street market, INDY's performance is very worrying. It is difficult for a unilateral microphone to separate the sound of the call from the surrounding noise. In contrast, INDY EVO does a lot better, even in a noisy environment, it can have a good call effect.

Easy pairing, dustproof and waterproof

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Whether it is INDY or INDY EVO, Skullcandy has added IP55 dust-proof and waterproof support for them very strongly. With the built-in anti-drop silicone sleeve, users can also use them as sports headphones with more confidence. In addition, the two headsets also use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, support 3 milliseconds low latency, ultra-long distance transmission of more than 100 meters and other features.

Most true wireless Bluetooth headsets are very troublesome when pairing. For example, turn on one and then turn on the other, and you can use two channels after hearing the TWS connection... etc. tedious steps, but INDY and INDY EVO To be more convenient, you only need to pair the right ear once. If you are using mono, you only need to put one earphone back into the charging box. If you want to use dual audio, just pick it up and put it on to automatically switch to dual audio mode. (INDY's right ear is the main earphone, mono can only be used in the right ear, and INDY EVO can be used as a mono earphone for both left and right ears).

Skullcandy INDY can provide 16 hours of battery life, of which the battery life of a single headset is 4 hours, and the charging box can provide an additional 12 hours of battery life. The battery life of Skullcandy INDY EVO is a bit more impressive. The battery life of a single headset is 6 hours, and the charging box can add an additional 24 hours of battery life, and the total battery life can reach 30 hours. In addition, Skullcandy INDY EVO also supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can provide up to 2 hours of listening time.

As a relatively low-positioned product, Skullcandy INDY has too many features, but the fully upgraded Skullcandy INDY EVO has many surprises.

Skullcandy INDY EVO supports mainstream ambient sound function, which means that if you are listening to music and someone comes over to communicate with you, you only need to activate the ambient sound mode through the touchpad on the back of the headset, without the trouble of taking off the headset.

The compact and true wireless is the advantage of TWS (true wireless stereo) headsets, which allows users to wear without too many restrictions. However it causes another problem, listeners can lose their earbuds. For example, sometimes I often leave my AirPods in the sofa slits for a long time. The built-in Tile tracking function of Skullcandy INDY EVO can reduce this pain point to a certain extent.

The Tile tracking function is an App that uses Bluetooth technology to find lost objects. As long as INDY EVO is still within Bluetooth coverage, you can let Tile trigger high-pitched noises to help you find them. If INDY EVO is no longer in the coverage of Bluetooth, you can use the App to determine the last location where your phone and headset are connected, or try to traverse the location of the headset by connecting to other Tile users. It does not guarantee that you will be able to find them, but at least it provides you with a starting point to start searching.

Skullcandy INDY EVO also supports linkage with Skullcandy's own App, but the function is very limited. You can turn on and off the ambient sound mode through the App, check the user guide, and register the headset body that is all you need. However you can't check the battery level of the headset and the charging box in the App, and there is no way to switch EQ on the App. (This is really inconvenient, even adjusting an EQ can only be adjusted with the touchpad).

Our Verdict

In general, Skullcandy INDY EVO has good sound quality, excellent battery life, lightweight and portable design, dust and water resistance, easy pairing and higher playability, and it is a non-negligible existence in the market. Skullcandy INDY has core elements such as sound quality, dust and water resistance, lightweight and portability, and easy matching. It also has certain competitiveness.

At present, Skullcandy INDY maintains a very affordable price range on all major e-commerce platforms. It is undoubtedly a good choice for users with limited budgets and high-priced products. The feature-rich, comprehensive and powerful Skullcandy INDY EVO is more for users who are pursuing high-end positioning. This is exactly where Skullcandy's market strategy is smart, no matter what your needs are, there is always one that suits you.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. Cheers.

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