Samsung Z Fold2: More than a folding screen

Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones


September 3rd 2020

As early as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series conference in August, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 had already appeared in advance. On the evening of September 1, this Samsung's latest folding screen mobile phone finally announced all the details, showing the most mature product form of folding mobile phones in the emerging stage.

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Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business of Samsung Electronics, said: "Our journey to the next generation of mobile devices is full of creativity and innovation." As Samsung's third-generation foldable device, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 combines amazing creativity and sophistication. The technology itself is a set of application guidelines for future mobile phones.

1. Process iteration, the new Fold has these improvements

The significant improvement in appearance is the screen design. Simply put, the screen is larger and the frame is narrower. In the unfolded state, the size of Galaxy Z Fold2 is increased to 7.6 inches (2208×1768 resolution), the proportion of the fuselage is slightly adjusted, the display area is wider, and the top of the screen is removed with digging processing. The external screen has been upgraded from the 4.6 inches of the previous Fold to a 6.3-inch (2260×816 resolution) hole-drilling full screen, which increases the reading and interaction area.

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The inner screen material uses the same UTG ultra-thin flexible glass screen material as the latest Z Flip 5G, which is changed from the previous generation of plastic inner screen to ultra-thin glass. It is worth mentioning that the inner screen supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, which can dynamically adjust the refresh rate according to users in different usage scenarios.

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Samsung has also made improvements to the Fold2's shaft. Its internal structure is smaller than the previous generation and uses microfiber material to prevent the intrusion of dust and particles. The CAM design used in the hinge and hinge can fix the screen at an angle of 75° to 115°, which enriches the mobile phone usage scenarios.

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The other part is the flagship configuration, the processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC, equipped with 12GB LPDDR5 memory, UFS 3.1 flash memory and a maximum of 256GB storage (the 512GB version is only available in China). Equipped with 4500mAh dual-cell battery, it supports 25W wired fast charging, 15W wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. In terms of photography, the front dual 10-megapixel camera, the rear 12 million main camera (OIS) + 64 million telephoto (OIS) + 12 million ultra wide-angle triple camera.

In general, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has upgraded the original configuration in an all-round way. The high refresh rate and the addition of the latest elements such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ mobile platform make it an uncompromising flagship product, especially the screen. The improvement of the design makes the product form more mature. Most importantly, the release of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 also means a huge leap in the interactive experience of folding screen phones.

2. Interactive upgrade, folding screen has these magical functions

As mentioned earlier, both the internal and external screens of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 have been improved in size. In terms of how to improve screen utilization, multitasking, adaptive split screen and vertical interaction are given by Fold2. answer.

Both the internal and external screens of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 support running multiple APPs at the same time and interact in a split window mode. The external screen supports 2 windows running at the same time, and the internal screen supports up to 3 windows running. The improved multi-tasking has a high degree of maturity, making it surpass the conventional large-screen operation.

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Users can not only store frequently used split-screen modes in the sidebar, but also drag and drop text or files between simultaneously running applications for cross-application transfer. It is worth noting that, taking into account the use of multiple windows, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 supports "split screen capture", users can select any window among multiple screens to take screenshots.

The most impressive point at the press conference is that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 runs office software such as Excel and PPT at the same time, and presenters can easily drag and drop text, images, and tables between the two applications. And Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 supports the adjustment of the ratio of the screen display elements, which can be comparable to a tablet in the experience, and its interaction is much easier than the latter.

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The so-called adaptive split screen is to present different split screen modes according to different screen folding angles. For example, when taking a selfie with the screen turned on, the screen will display a complete viewfinder screen. When the screen is folded, the upper half of the screen will view normally, while the lower half will display the control options of the camera. At present, the adaptive split-screen function can be called in applications such as native players and photo albums, and third-party platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Office have also been adapted.

In addition, when shooting with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 rear camera, its external screen can be used as a real-time preview monitor. Taking into account that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has also upgraded the night scene mode and added the character tracking mode, I believe it will bring more novel experiences in the image shooting level.

Due to the improved hinge design of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, this large-screen phone supports multi-angle "hover" at the same time. Vertical interaction refers to the user-defined opening angle, allowing the phone to operate in different forms.

For example, when taking selfies, place the mobile phone on the desktop and fold the mobile phone to a specific angle to complete the shooting while framing the self-portrait; when shooting with the rear lens, the subject can also preview through the external screen in real time to master their own real-time Status; or when viewing videos or browsing documents in a folded form, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 also has more use value.

3. Mass production of folding screens, Samsung has these advantages

After the evolution of several generations of folding screens, the public has gradually realized that foldable mobile phones are not a gimmick, but a new product form that represents the future technology trend. The original Fold sold out in 2 seconds on the domestic e-commerce platform, and the continued popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series fully illustrates this point.

At present, only Samsung is still the only folding screen mobile phone that can be mass-produced and sold normally. Talking about the newly released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, it is not difficult to figure out why.

This iterative work that symbolizes the maturity of the folding screen mobile phone adopts a newly designed invisible hinge and a new dust-proof treatment inside, which reduces the internal space on the basis of supporting multi-angle hovering; the Infinity-O perforated screen is upgraded to glass Material and support high refresh rate and dynamic adjustment; the magnetic system at the corners of the phone can ensure the safety of folding and opening; the standard Samsung UFS 3.1 flash memory...

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From the screen to the storage, the integration capabilities brought by Samsung as the world's only manufacturer with a complete industrial chain ensure that it can continue to invest in the continuous development of the new product branch of the folding screen. At the same time, for Samsung, whether it is the future sense revealed by the product form of the folding screen mobile phone, or the strong industrial design strength behind it, it is a clear case for Samsung to enhance its brand image.

Objectively speaking, foldable technology has pointed out the evolution direction for the homogenized mobile phone industry. Faced with this new product form, whoever launches a mass-produced mature folding screen mobile phone will undoubtedly achieve a "win-win" of public awareness and market share. For Samsung, which leads the industry, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is a good step to enhance its brand image.

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In addition to the two color versions of pine smoke ink and mist gold, some markets of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 provide customized solutions for the hinge. Users can purchase exclusive colors of gold, silver, red and blue through the official website. And Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 also launched a limited edition of Thom Browne, classic red, white and blue color matching, adding Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live and other accessories, the world is limited to 5,000 sets, and its high-end image is on paper.

to sum up

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 continues the folding screen design of the Fold series, but has achieved significant breakthroughs in design and interaction-custom opening angles to broaden usage scenarios, adaptive split screen and multitasking to innovate interaction efficiency. It can be said that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is not only a folding screen with a larger screen-to-body ratio, but also a future mobile phone application guide that provides a unique mobile experience. As the pioneer of folding screen devices, Samsung has already given more mature answers in screen interaction and application methods.

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