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Kristina Ives

Kristina Ives


September 11th 2020

For the newly launched Samsung GalaxyBuds+, I believe that many audio enthusiasts are paying attention, but there are not many reviewers. Today I will share my feelings of my own evaluation of GalaxyBuds+ with you, and I hope to have a reference and evaluation for friends who need to buy wireless Bluetooth headsets.

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Sound quality

Sound quality is the most important experience for music lovers, and it is also one of the important qualities for judging the quality of headphones. What is the sound quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ wireless earphones? Whether the sound quality of TWS earphones can withstand the test, let's take a look.

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From the hardware point of view, the new Galaxy Buds+ wireless earphone sound unit is replaced by two moving iron units from the first-generation Buds moving coil unit, one bass and one treble, so that the high and low levels are more distinct, and the three-band balance allows the sound quality to be maximized. It is possible to restore the true sound, which is also the state that many HIFI-level headphones want to achieve. In my opinion, this design is also a benchmark design in the TWS earphone industry. It is bold and interesting. I feel that this is the feeling of "playing" and the feeling of fashion. This is also a good example for companies rushing into the TWS earphone market. Inspiration and pressure.

Frequency response analysis

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The above is a comparison between Buds+ and some IEMs that are considered to be closer to the Harman IE target, AKG N5005 (red) and Moondrop S8 (green) with mid-to-high filters: even if it is tried with AKG itself, it is the same as trying on Harman, Galaxy Buds+ It seems to be a little short of the goal, but because of its relatively low price, it is already very impressive.

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In terms of bass response, Buds+ is almost perfect. In terms of attenuation, control, and separation from the midrange, the indicators found in IEM's bass response can be clearly displayed and almost perfectly presented. The sounds of various instruments can be clearly displayed, and the impact, extension and other details are also very good and will not affect each other. In terms of high frequency response, it seems to be on par with Buds. The treble part of Buds is perfect. The tuning of the classic AKG combined with this improvement makes Buds+ the leading position in the TWS thousand yuan machine. Well deserved, because the core sound quality is there.

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Speaking of AKG, I believe some people know it, and some don’t. However, I hope that those who want to buy headphones but don’t know how to choose will get to know about AKG, one of the world’s four largest headphone manufacturers. It has 73 years of history and professionalism. It is conceivable that although it is under the same company as Samsung under Harman, it is also seen from the side that Samsung's strength is huge, and often companies that specialize in technology will need the support of wealthy owners like Samsung and devote their financial resources to research and development. From Buds to AKG tuning to Buds+double-action iron structure+AKG tuning, it seems to be able to see the classic AKG headphones of the past, especially from the sound quality, I can already feel the classic and familiar taste of AKG, which is moist. , Active and looming scenes that seem to be confided by singers. It can be said that the buff brought by AKG to Galaxy Buds+ should not be underestimated. So far, I am also looking forward to the emergence of TWS headsets with HIFI-level sound quality. Of course, the wait will be very long. Long.


Call clarity is another indicator of the pros and cons of Bluetooth headsets. Compared with the original Buds, Galaxy Buds+ adds 1 microphone, that is, a three-microphone design. The sound pickup and reception effect is remarkable, and the measured effect of the call is still very good. In addition to mobile communication, video and voice and other network communication effects are excellent, there is no stethoscope effect, no noise or current sound, everything is in order, and communication is unimpeded. If you don’t turn on the ambient sound, you will almost not hear outside sounds. It is recommended Set 1 touch key as the fast ambient sound function, which is convenient and safe to use the headset, because the sound insulation effect of this headset is a bit stronger.

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Battery life

Speaking of battery life, I have to admire the battery life of this Galaxy Buds+, 11 hours (headphone itself) + 11 hours (headphone compartment), a total of 22 hours. It is understood that the battery life of most TWS headsets is basically 1.5-6 hours. The Buds is relatively good. It is only 7 hours. With the headset compartment, it is 13 hours. But even so, Buds consumers are just below Apple Air Pods. , The 22-hour abnormal battery life this time, coupled with the compatibility of the IOS system, the price advantage and the value advantage, it is only a matter of time before it surpasses the Air Pods series.

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The increase in battery life is also due to the earth-shaking changes in the internal structure. The lower power consumption of chips and moving iron units, and the increase in headset batteries and cabin batteries have greatly improved the battery life. Speaking of chips, Buds+ should continue to use Broadcom Bluetooth 5.0, with ultra-low power consumption and more stable performance.

Galaxy Buds+ is not only equipped with a Type-C charging cable, but also supports QI wireless charging technology. It also supports reverse charging of mobile phones after the S10 series. That is, the mobile phone can charge the headset and can charge for 10 minutes and listen to music for 3 hours. It can be said that Samsung has made a lot of effort in terms of battery life, which should also be a result of Samsung's long-term ecological deployment.


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Galaxy Buds+ is compatible with IOS system. When testing the compatibility, I found the relevant software in the Apple App Store. It seems that many Buds users have already downloaded it, but unfortunately, the software on the shelves only supports Galaxy Buds+, so many Buds users are not very happy, but still hope that Samsung Can follow-up updates, so that they can better support Samsung's series of products. For Buds+, operating under the IOS system, the speed is almost the same as that of an Android machine. The connectivity, equalizer effects and touch function settings, battery display, and other software compatibility such as voice broadcast and other functions are all tested smoothly. It's just that the first time you connect, data transmission and other reasons will cause it to be a little slower, and when you use it again, the connection is very fast. If the Samsung ecosystem is used, seamless connection can be achieved.

 Game delay data

Game enthusiasts have higher requirements for the synchronization performance of TWS headsets, because the sound still has a certain impact on the gaming experience. Otherwise, they hang up after watching the screen. Maybe they just resurrected with a sigh of death. 

After the Galaxy Buds+ has turned on the game mode (here to explain, this mode is only open to Samsung phones, other phones do not have this function), the delay of the headset is almost negligible. And the answer given by many reviewers is: "This headset has almost no delay, and it is very responsible." But I did a simple test here. After the game mode is turned on in the same scene of the chicken game, the delay is about 0.1-0.2 seconds, and the delay is about 0.3-0.38 seconds when tested on Apple phones and other mobile phones without game mode. In my opinion, this kind of delay is basically no delay, but playing a game will appear more suitable, because the human auditory response is faster than the visual response. So playing games with Galaxy Buds+ has a good experience.

 Touch and Software

Just like key-press phones to touch-screen phones, touch-screen TVs, tablets, etc., the convenience of finger operation is well brought into play. GalaxyBuds+ small panel, you can design a variety of touch functions. Adjusting the volume, making and receiving calls, playing up and down tracks, and switching environmental sounds can all be achieved by touching.

One click: play or pause, double click, play the next track or answer the phone and hang up the phone, triple click to play the previous track, long press to start the setting function, the earphone edge can also be set , But it needs to be set in Galaxy Wearable. The left and right earphones can be set separately, wake up Siri, Bixby, ambient sound, volume adjustment, etc., in short, it is very convenient, covering almost all the operations needed in daily life.

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GalaxyBuds+ comes with three different earcaps, large, medium and small, and shark fin ear wings, which can adapt to different sizes of pierced ears for men and women. Shark fin ear wings allow obsessive-compulsive patients to wear them firmly in their ears to relieve the earphones. Worry about falling anytime. The silicone ear caps are soft and comfortable, and there is no foreign body sensation in the ears. However, I am an ear-sensitive person. No matter what kind of earphones, I can't wear them for an hour. The overall comfort is good, and the feel is more delicate.

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The appearance details of the GalaxyBuds+ wireless headset

From the headset box to the headset, overall: cool! The long-lasting piano paint and bright surface will directly make people feel heartbeat. The capsule earphone box is small and convenient, and the opening and closing damping settings are exquisite. The all-encompassing internal structure is integrated into such a small earphone. It's incredible. Regardless of the color, whether black, white or blue, it appears pure and thorough, and the appearance is quite deceptive.

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The two external small holes are two microphones, and the internal one small hole is the third microphone. There are already small shark fins on the shape, which are more comfortable to wear. On the whole, it is concise but without losing the fashionable temperament. It is properly C-positioned out of the street, C-positioned in office, and C-positioned at home!

Listen to actual feelings

Listening to the actual experience can hear the taste of the classic AKG, fresh, moist and energetic. It can also be matched with the six effects in the software equalizer. But I still don't bother to set it up, because I usually use headphones to listen to novels a lot, and I don't wear headphones at other times, because my ears really need to rest.

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On the whole, Samsung GalaxyBuds+ is almost a conscientious product that does everything in TWS headphones. Its 149.99  price tag is worthy of the hardware equipment and functions it carries. If it is worth buying? I think it is very worth buying. Among the current hundred dollars of TWS headsets, this headset is already the pinnacle.

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