Razer Opus the best travel friendly noise-cancelling headphone under $200

Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones


August 10th 2020

Not a long ago Razer started a new product, a noise-cancelling headset. Everyone is very familiar with the style of Razer. Razer mouse and keyboards revolutionized the styles of computer accessories. The mouse and keyboards are very gaming friendly; actually, I will go one-step further and say Razer is the industry leader in gaming mouse and keyboards. Now Razer has introduced a headset, which is not gaming headset but a wireless noise-cancelling headset. Razer not only wants to dominate the e-sports room but also hopes to dominate the regular headset industry; With their Razer Opus Nosie cancelling headset.Here is my review of Razer Opus noise cancelling headset.

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First, let me give you summarized characteristics of the headset. So that you can build an initial impression of the product. Next, I will give you a detailed evaluation and then buying recommendation.

  •  Hybrid ANC active noise reduction, excellent effect, can greatly reduce surrounding Noise
  • The total weight is 260 gram.
  •  The ear wrap design is light and comfortable to wear
  •  Has THX audio certification, promises a rich, balanced sound stage for all different types of media
  • Portable design. 

Our Take On Razer Opus:

The moment I got the Razer wireless headphones, I did not feel that this was a Razer product. It does not have the snake-shaped logo commonly found in Razer products. The back-light and appearance design is not publicized, and there is no trace of Razer green even in any corner of the packaging or in the headset. Only then I realized, in addition to the e-sports style they have been shaped over the years, Razer also wants to be a low-key beautiful product.

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Rocking Review

it is very hard to believe Razer opus is under $200!

Opening the box, what appeared in the front of me was a very expensive looking carrying case with excellent workmanship. It can easily stuffed into a backpack during a journey or can be held in the hand very comfortably. There are two color schemes for the headset. Currently, only one color scheme of midnight blue can be purchased, and there will be classic black colors to meet us in the future. The appearance of the headset is simple and elegant and it looks very good when you put it on. The Razer headset weighs 260 gram. Which is very good for a wireless headset. The battery life of Razer more than 25 hours. The head beam of the earphone is wrapped in a soft imitation leather material. The memory foam of the earmuffs is also very soft and comfortable.  

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The earmuffs can be rotated and can be laid flat. The THX logo is printed on both sides of the earmuffs, highlighting Razer passed THX certification. Razers logo is low-key carved on the side of the head beam.

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The operating area of the left earmuff is distributed with the power button, noise reduction button, 3.5 mm audio interface and type-c charging port. On the right is the volume up/down and the pause/play button in the middle.

Hybrid active noise reduction

As a wireless noise –cancelling headset, the focus of our review is noise-cancelling effect. We all know noise reduction headphones can be implemented in three ways: feedforward, feedback, and hybrid. Razer headset has arranged noise reduction microphones inside and outside the earmuffs and on both sides. It also uses better hybrid ANC noise reduction. After the active Noise reduction mode is turned on, the mid and low frequency noise form the outside world is reduced to within the comport zone. If you need to talk with someone, Removing or resting these earphones around your neck pauses the audio. When you’re ready to continue, simply pop your headset back on and get right back into your movie or music. To stay aware of your surroundings. Press and hold the ANC button to instantly amplify ambient noise for a heightened sense of awareness—useful when crossing the road or to simply get a sense of your surroundings.

There are few small designs of Razer that makes you feel amazing. For example, there is no beep when adjusting the volume, which will not affect the integrity of the music. It has cute sound effect when turning on/off, Bluetooth pairing etc.

Razer has designed an application named OPUS for the headset to adjust the pre-set equalization mode. However, the equalizer application have only several pre-set modes.

Razer headset supports aptX connection and AAC connection, which are currently the two most high-fidelity wireless transmission protocols used by flagship headsets. At present, almost all high-end mobile phones support the two protocols.

If you are not satisfied with the wireless sound quality, you can also use the audio cable to connect directly to get better results. When using the wired mode, the headset can also turn on the noise reduction effect. The box also comes with an airplane adapter. The headset uses a 40mm unit and the overall performance is satisfactory. Razer can match any music styles. Any kind of music and this headset will perform well.

User experience

I have been using this headset for a week and during this time; my commute to work has become enjoyable. It has become by best companion. Carrying it with you is also easy and convenient. 

Buying Recommendation:

 Razer wireless noise reduction headphone priced at 199$. Which is very affordable comparing the features. The earphones are comfortable to wear, have excellent sound effects and are stylish in appearance without any shortcomings. It does have the level of strength of high-end wireless headphone. Coupled with the endorsement of THX certification, the headphone is trust worthy.  I highly recommend this headphone to those who need a travel headset.

Overall, this headphone has shown us a new side of Razer.  This headset is a low-key mature and powerful one. 

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