Predator Orion: Equipped with NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30 series GPU

Samuel Alekseeva

Samuel Alekseeva


September 7th 2020

Recently, Acer announced that its high-end gaming brand Predator Orion series gaming consoles fully support the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 series GPUs. At the same time, it also released more information about the gaming monitor Predator X25, which has a refresh rate of up to 360Hz and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC® and NVIDIA's latest Reflex delay analyzer.

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The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series, as the second-generation RTX GPU, has second-generation RT Cores, third-generation Tensor Cores and streaming multi-processor sets, bringing more dazzling visual effects, amazing frame rates, and good gameplay And the AI ​​acceleration of creative applications. The new NVIDIA Ampere architecture has a performance that is 1.9 times higher than the previous generation. It can easily display the best picture experience at all resolutions effortlessly, and even 8K games can be realized at the highest end. GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 represent the largest GPU generational leap in NVIDIA history.

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Li Zhengda, Director of the Fixed Computing Products Division of Acer's Information Products Business, said: "Acer is excited about using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs in the Preditor orion series of gaming consoles, making it one of the first brands to be equipped with this series of GPUs. For players who expect to experience the latest performance breakthrough, the Preditor orion series equipped with the latest GPU will do everything possible to help players play."

NVIDIA GeForce Global Marketing Vice President Matt Wuebbling said: "On the new Preditor orion series gaming consoles, GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs will provide players with the ultimate powerful performance. The latest GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture will give players the most realistic The ray tracing graphics and the most advanced AI features bring players an incredible gaming experience."

The Preditor orion series of gaming consoles are designed to be a high end product, which makes it possible to see its outstanding style at first glance. Each cabinet is like a behemoth outlined with sharp and angular lines. The rock-black tower cabinet is filled with 16.7 million colors of customizable RGB light effects.

Predator's Orion 9000-Fully omnipotent, in one step

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Preditor orion 9000 is designed for hardcore players and professional anchors. It is equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU and the highest Intel® Core™ i9-10980XE Extreme Edition processor. It can be used in the 3A masterpiece even at the highest quality settings. Overcome obstacles. This desktop monster is equipped with three predator ice front fast cooling metal fans with ARGB light effect to keep the powerful hardware inside cool. The cabinet is designed with symmetrical edges and corners, and uses anti-electromagnetic interference tempered glass as the side transparent cover to show the wild power of the full fire inside the cabinet.

Marauder's Orion 5000-seamless game

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Preditor orion 5000 is a powerful desktop for those who want to enjoy a seamless picture experience in the game, but also want to try live broadcast. The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU and an unlocked 10th-generation Intel Core i9-10900K processor are hidden in the mid-tower case full of RGB light effects, which can provide impressively smooth high performance in this specification box. Frame rate gaming experience. The internal hardware structure includes a precision layout of intake/exhaust fans, a CPU liquid cooling radiator, a hidden power module (including a detachable dust screen), a Killer™ E3100G 2.5Gbps Ethernet card and a 2.5-inch solid state drive/mechanical hard drive easily Plug-in position.

Predator's Orion 3000-Small size, big energy

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The Preditor orion 3000 integrates gaming-grade hardware in an 18-liter box. The compact body allows it to be placed anywhere, and the hardware also provides strong performance for playing games. It can be equipped with up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU and the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and two custom-made predators ice front fast cooling metal fans to assist in heat dissipation, to meet users' expectations of high frame rate and low temperature. All S. Aegis series gaming consoles support the predator control sensor system, and users can manage the system with one button to instantly start Predator experiance

X25 monitor-360 Hz G-SYNC gaming monitor

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Predator Orion: Equipped with NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30 series GPU image 21

This powerful 24.5-inch 1920x1080 IPS gaming monitor has an incredible 360Hz refresh rate, giving players ultra-low latency and extremely smooth animation effects. Converted to the number of game frames, this refresh rate means that a game screen is displayed every 2.8 milliseconds, which provides a significant advantage for players who pursue precise competitive shooting games. The smooth picture means that the experience of playing games on the Predator X25 is particularly good, and the 99% sRGB color gamut coverage can make the game look good. With the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, this avant-garde monitor has everything to keep it up with the latest NVIDIA GPU.the gaming journey.

The Predator X25 gaming monitor also supports the newly released NVIDIA Reflex latency analyzer, which is a new set of technologies that can optimize and measure system latency. For competitive games, PC performance refers to responsiveness—that is, how fast the monitor can update the screen after the mouse moves or clicks. The Reflex delay analyzer can detect mouse clicks and measure the time required for the corresponding pixel changes on the screen (such as gun flame flash). Previously, it was difficult for players to measure system delays, as this required a dedicated high-speed camera and supporting equipment worth more than $7,000. The Reflex delay analyzer has a more complete and accurate understanding of the performance of the mouse, PC and monitor. Now that the Reflex delay analyzer is in hand, players can know that the system is operating in the state it should be in, so they can enter the game with confidence.

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