NVIDIA New Generation Graphics Cards: Ultimate Cost Effective ?

Samuel Alekseeva

Samuel Alekseeva


September 2nd 2020

 NVIDIA officially released its new generation of graphics card RTX 3000 series. The first to release the product is as expected, with RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070. The architecture and specifications of these three graphics cards are exactly the same as the information leaked before the press conference. NVIDIA also has detailed instructions, so I won't say more here. Here we can list some key points beyond the data so that everyone can understand the characteristics of these three graphics cards at a glance. Of course, I also need to admire NVIDIA Lao Huang here. This conference can actually give us the illusion of a very cost-effective graphics card for a graphics card above 800 Dollars... It can only be said that NVIDIA is doing business in this part of the graphics card. So good

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Don't let the model be misled, it is much stronger than the previous generation product. we always thought that the RTX 3090 is against the previous generation of RTX 2080Ti, while the RTX 3080 is against the previous generation of RTX 2080, which has greatly deviated our judgment. In fact, according to the NVIDIA press conference, the product corresponding to the RTX 3090 is the last-generation flagship RTX Titan, not the RTX 2080Ti; and the RTX 3080 is not an upgrade to the RTX 2080, but an upgraded version of the RTX 2080Ti. Only RTX 3070 is relatively normal, and it can be regarded as the follow-up successor to RTX 2070.

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From our analysis, there are two considerations for doing this. One is to make us, who had misjudged the positioning before, a certain sense of surprise. Looking back at the price of these graphics cards, it seems that it is not so exaggerated; the other is It is that the performance of this generation of graphics cards is indeed relatively strong, and it has been able to displace the previous generation of flagship products. Of course, on the whole, the impression can be described in just a few words, either "old yellow and mighty" or "NVIDIA conscience manufacturer"...

In terms of performance, RTX 3090 is 50% higher than RTX Titan. It is known as a scourge of a new generation of graphics cards. NVIDIA defines it as 8KBFGPU, which can achieve 60FPS stability at 8K ultra-high resolution when RTX and DLSS are turned on. Frame rate, this is currently the only game graphics card that can claim to achieve high picture quality and high frame rate at 8K resolution.

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The sub-top RTX 3080 has 100% higher performance than RTX 2080Ti. Of course, NVIDIA's statement may be a bit exaggerated, but more than 70% is not a problem. NVIDIA claims that it can achieve a stable frame rate of 60FPS at 4K resolution, but with light tracking and high image quality, what kind of performance it can have, it will be known after the test and actual performance.

The last dessert-grade RTX 3070, NVIDIA claims that the price is less than half of the RTX 2080 Ti, but the average performance is higher, and it is 60% faster than the RTX 2070. This should be the product that NVIDIA has been on the market when the RTX 3060 was not launched.

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Overall, for these three graphics cards, NVIDIA believes that their performance has exceeded the previous generation of flagship product RTX 2080Ti, even the cheapest and lowest performance RTX 3070.

Final price:

actually feels cost-effective.

I have to say that Lao Huang’s abacus can fly. Due to the previous price increase of NVIDIA graphics cards and the price of RTX 2080Ti and above graphics cards have been above 900 Dollars, we have always thought that the RTX 3000 series of graphics cards will definitely be expensive after they come out. But what I didn't expect is that while displacing the model, Huang made relatively targeted adjustments in the price, which actually gave us the illusion that the RTX 3000 series is very cost-effective...

The official price of the RTX 3090 is US$1499.Compared with the current RTX 2080Ti, which is generally more than 900 Dollars. This flagship card, which claims to be 50% stronger than the RTX Titan, immediately feels more fragrant. Of course, the RTX 3080 is even more exaggerated. Since it is 2080Ti for Biao, it also claims that the performance is 100% higher than that of RTX 2080Ti. Therefore, seeing the price of RTX 3080 at US$699 made countless viewers were moved to tears. . This is equivalent to buying a graphics card that is twice as powerful as RTX 2080Ti at half the price of RTX 2080Ti.

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But in fact, 700 dollars is still considered a high-priced product in the graphics card industry, and it is certain that most players should not buy such an expensive graphics card. After all, the GTX 1060 is the most commonly used single display in the world. , And more than 70% of players will not buy flagship graphics cards. So we said that facing a graphics card of 700 dollars, we actually think that this graphics card will be very cost-effective to buy. I really don’t know if we have expanded during the epidemic stage, or the old Huang’s strategy is too effective...

Finally, the RTX 3070, which claims to have better average performance than RTX 2080Ti, is priced at US$499 . This price is actually more reasonable, not to say that it is not expensive, but compared to it, it is more acceptable, and performance is guaranteed. After all, when the previous generation of RTX 2080Ti was launched, NVIDIA once said that it is suitable for smooth gaming at 4K resolution. Although this sentence was given to RTX 3080 this time, RTX 3070 is not bad, it is more suitable for a certain budget. At the same time, players who have high requirements for game quality.

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On the whole, the prices of the three graphics cards of the RTX 3000 series are actually more generous than the previous generation, especially the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 graphics cards. This is not to say that they are not expensive, or that there is no harm if there is no comparison. After all, the price of RTX 2080Ti is here. For NVIDIA, since the RTX 2000 series of chips have basically stopped shipping, the new generation of RTX 3000 can naturally be arbitrarily priced, anyway, it will not affect the previous generation of graphics cards...maybe there are only those in stock Graphics card manufacturers will have a headache!

Interface evolution:

the first graphics card equipped with HDMI2.1

This time, NVIDIA’s new generation of graphics cards has not discussed specific performance and heat dissipation design. At least in other parts, there have been great improvements. Personally, I am more pleased that this generation of graphics cards has finally kept up with the pace of the times. The most advanced TVs are flat, such as HDMI 2.1.

For HDMI2.1, we have said a lot before. Simply put, its bandwidth has been greatly improved, from 18Gbps of HDMI2.0 to 48Gbps, which can support 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz output under RGB images. In addition, HDMI2.1 can also support various dynamic HDR effects, ALLM low-latency output, VRR variable refresh rate and eARC functions. For gaming graphics cards, the only thing that may not be used is eARC, and the other parts are undoubtedly a great help for players to get a better gaming experience.

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Considering that the RTX 3090 can run smoothly at 60FPS at 8K resolution, it is necessary to carry the HDMI2.1 interface. This also means that if the player has an 8K resolution monitor or TV, then it is completely possible to connect to a PC with RTX 3000 series and enjoy the strongest game screen in the current game field.

For RTX 3080 and RTX 3070, which have a slightly lower performance, HDMI2.1 also has a positive meaning. Although the performance of 8K games is slightly worse, it may be more difficult in some large-scale 3D games, but in 4K environment, you can still use the HDMI interface to achieve high frame rate synchronization picture effects. In addition, it can output 8K images. With a new generation of decoders, at least 8K videos can be decoded and played normally.

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If there are any regrets in the design of this generation of NVIDIA graphics cards, then it is still in the interface. Although HDMI has been upgraded to HDMI2.1, for the DP part, NVIDIA still uses DP1.4 instead of the latest DP2.0 standard. However, the advantage of this is that the functions of the DP interface and the HDMI interface are basically the same, and there will not be much difference.

Unclear information:

exclusive to the public version of NVIDIA, lifted on September 18

Regarding the RTX 3000 series graphics cards released by NVIDIA this time, it is recognized that the appearance and heat dissipation design are very versatile. In the morning, many people in the circle of friends are saying that they want to buy the public version of RTX 3000. And relatively speaking, the price of non-public version design usually fluctuates greatly, while the price of public version is basically listed in accordance with NVIDIA's guide price!

But what I want to remind everyone here is that based on the information we have obtained. For the RTX 3000 series of public graphics cards, only NVIDIA currently has a small amount of supply, while AIC manufacturers are all non-public versions. We know from third-party manufacturers that at least most manufacturers will not launch public version products, only non-public version products, so users who want public version graphics cards may have to wait for NVIDIA to release them. Users can check more on the NVIDIA official website, or find more information about reservations. And the number of public editions is destined to not be too many, and in the future, non-public editions will be mainly circulated on the market.

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In addition, of the three graphics cards, the RTX 3080 was the first to be marketed. NVIDIA said that it will go on sale on September 17; the RTX 3090 will be on sale on September 24. The latest one is RTX 3070. The launch date will be delayed by one month, and it will be seen in October. However, the number of graphics cards on the market will not be too much in the initial stage. As far as we know, many manufacturers have only received them in the last few days, so if you want to buy RTX 3000 series graphics cards in the first time, I am afraid that in addition to budget, It takes some luck, almost everyone needs to snap up.

In particular, you can't see the relevant evaluations at the moment, because the major media have not yet gotten evaluation samples. If you want to release the test report of RTX 3080 for the first time this time, you need to report to NVIDIA and pass the approval of NVIDA before the media can get the test card. The public version test card will be issued by NVIDIA. If you want to obtain the graphics card from the AIC manufacturer, you need to wait until about the 10th before there will be a third-party non-public version test card. The number is not large. The media is estimated to be rushing now.

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What NVIDIA didn't say clearly this time is that there is still a confidentiality agreement for RTX 3080, which is what we often call the NDA agreement. Even if some media or individuals get the RTX 3000 test graphics card through normal channels, they cannot release relevant pictures and articles in advance. NVIDIA's NDA confidentiality agreement will not expire until around September 18. In other words, if you want to see the detailed RTX 3080 graphics card pictures and articles, you have to wait until around September 18th.

This is also the reason why no relevant graphics card evaluation report came out in the world after NVIDIA held the press conference.

To Sum Up

AMD and Microsoft are the most panicked

To be honest, the release of NVIDIA's new generation of graphics cards did give us some surprises, mainly because of the price! Of course, the so-called price/performance ratio does feel quite ironic. After all, a RTX 3080 with a price of $699 can bring us a very cost-effective sense of sight, which in itself is a joyful thing! However, it cannot be denied that for high-end players, with sufficient budget, RTX 3080/3070 is almost the most suitable independent display for games at present. This performance and price obviously also put a lot of pressure on competitors.

We once joked that if you want NVIDIA to lower the price, it depends on AMD's new generation of graphics cards. But now when AMD's RNDA 2 graphics card has not yet come out, Lao Huang has launched a price only RTX 2080Ti Half, but the performance is claimed to be able to surpass the RTX 2080Ti doubled product, which somewhat makes AMD fall into an embarrassing situation.

If the performance of the RDNA 2 graphics card after the release is not as good as the RTX 3080, and the price is not up to expectations, then it can be imagined that AMD will still be unable to pose any threat to NVIDIA in the next two or three years. It is very likely that AMD will reduce the price of the RDNA 2 graphics card to a level lower than that of the RTX 3070, just like the RX 5700 series, and compete with NVIDIA in a dislocation. However, this will bring much benefit to the AMD market. 

In addition, it must be said that the price of $800 will make many players considering buying Microsoft Xbox Seires X turn to NVIDIA's RTX 3080. At present, Microsoft’s XSX does not have exclusive games. All games can be played on PC through XGP game subscription. So buying a high-performance graphics card obviously seems more meaningful than buying a game console without exclusive games. Get a better picture and frame rate.

So from this perspective, if you want to play the largest number of games with the best graphics in the future, then the best gaming platform is actually to buy a $399 PS4 and a PC equipped with an RTX 3080.

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