Elon Musk test drive Volkswagen ID.3 electric car and the impression is quiet good

Clio Alaniz

Clio Alaniz


September 7th 2020

In Elon Musk’s recent visit to Germany, one of the more surprising aspect was his meeting with Volkswagen Group executive Herbert Diess, who was at Braunschweig Airport to received Tesla CEO. During the two-hour meeting, two electric car advocates drove the ID.3 electric car, which is Volkswagen's first electric car on the MEB platform. This news surprised the electric car industry. Many people want to know Elon Musk’s views on ID.3, which may be on par with Model 3 in the mainstream car market.

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Fortunately, Herbert Diess recently shared a video of Musk's test-driving Volkswagen ID.3 in his LinkedIn profile. This short video was also released by the official Twitter account of Volkswagen Group. In the video, Musk and Diess had a friendly conversation while test driving ID.3. Musk seems to be quite optimistic about this car. He once said that for a non-sports electric car, the steering performance of the ID.3 is "pretty good."

Musk asked about several aspects of ID.3, such as its battery pack and driving assistance functions. Diess said that ID.3 is equipped with Germany's most advanced lane keeping and emergency assistance systems. At the end of the video, Musk and Diess came down from ID.3, and Musk seemed to be looking at some details of this mainstream electric car.

According to a senior executive of the Volkswagen Group, Musk is a bit critical of the ID.3's torque at higher speeds. Diess also told Musk that if you want to experience a real sports car, Tesla CEO should try the Porsche Taycan, which is an all-electric high-performance electric car.

Elon Musk and Herbert Diess have publicly supported each other’s efforts in the past. Tesla CEO recently said in an interview at the Gigafactory in Berlin that companies like Volkswagen are paying a lot for electric vehicles to enter the mainstream market. In response to a critical report on Volkswagen Group executives last year, Musk pointed out on Twitter: “Herbert Diess is doing more than any big carmaker to go electric. The good of the world should come first. For what it’s worth, he has my support."

Diess has also publicly defended Musk. In October last year, some reporters suggested that although Model 3 was a success, they still believed that Tesla was a "niche" automaker that could manufacture low-selling cars, but did not have an advantage in the mass market. Diess immediately defended Tesla, saying that the American automaker is by no means a "niche" company, "Tesla is not a niche. Model 3 is a best-selling model, and they are the largest manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries. One. We respect Tesla very much. This is a competitor we value very much."

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