Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard: Ergo K860

Clio Alaniz

Clio Alaniz


August 28th 2020

In the past few years, Logitech has been trying to expand its ergonomically designed product line, including a very unique MX Vertical mouse, I believe everyone should have seen this.

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Logitech MX vertical mouse

Today, Logitech released a new Ergo K860 ergonomic keyboard. When paired with Logitech MX vertical mouse, Logitech ERGO K860 aims to be the most perfect desktop solution, extending the comfortable experience to the keyboard.

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The full-featured keyboard is designed to provide a more relaxed, more comfortable and simple typing experience, thereby improving typing efficiency and minimizing wrist pain.

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When you see the Logitech ERGO K860, the first thing you will notice is its hump, or WAVE as Logitech said. Just like Logitech's MX vertical mouse is inspired by the shape you form when you shake hands, the wave of ERGO K860 makes it a fusion between the traditional flat keyboard and the spherical "writing ball" typewriter of the 1870s.

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The Logitech design team pointed out that when you are in a completely relaxed state, your hands will not be completely flat. They relax at a slightly outward angle. The wavy details of ERGO K860 allow your hands to rest at exactly the same angle, providing a more natural typing experience. The split keyboard layout can also guide your hands into an expanded shape, so every key of yours is covered by your fingers.

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The Logitech ERGO K860 is designed to be completely wireless, with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless compatibility with the Logitech USB wireless receiver. You can connect (and stay connected) up to 3 devices at a time, and the three number keys on the board allow you to switch between active devices, so you can immediately press a key to switch to you while typing mail on your laptop Phone to reply to SMS or Whatsapp messages. Instant switching helps greatly increase productivity, so your hands never need to leave the keyboard.

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In addition, with Logitech's memory foam wrist rest, your hands will not be very tired. Memory foam helps provide moderate softness and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome by cushioning the wrist. The design of ERGO K860 can not only help you sit and type comfortably, it also has an adjustable angle fixing clip on the front (not the back), which can help you find a more suitable angle for the keyboard so that you can also Use the keyboard on an upright desk. These two fixing clips can tilt the keyboard at an angle of -4° and -7°, depending on your desktop

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Through the experience of using ERGO K860, I feel that ERGO K860 has three quite obvious advantages. First, thanks to the wavy details under the wrist and the memory foam blessing, the pressure on the wrist is reduced a lot when typing. Second, the tactile feedback from the keyboard makes people feel very pleasant. Third, due to the slow typing speed, I found myself having enough time to think before typing. This is a good advantage if it is a person who really codes or writes for the purpose of making a living. As time goes by, users will gradually get used to the layout of the split keyboard, and gradually move away from the ordinary flat keyboard.

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The wave details of ERGO K860 have been thoroughly researched and designed by Logitech's design team, and have been perfected to make it suitable for all hand shapes and sizes. Its visual effect is so eye-catching and iconic, people would not be surprised if they call it a Wave keyboard, and there is a great hollow cavity under the Wave. If you don’t want your boss to see you watching videos on the Internet, then this is probably the best place to hide your phone! Or hide the notepad and pencil underneath to make a better desktop storage.

In general, ERGO K860 is absolutely great in terms of experience. It makes your coding or writting experience more comfortable through some basic designs of the product. And after gradually adapting to the split design, not only will your wrists not be tired when you code, but it will be easier to enter. The link switching of 3 devices at the same time is a boon, so there is no need to put a lot of keyboards on the desktop or switch back and forth. One-key switching makes input and communication more convenient.

ERGO K860 is currently available on every platforms, with a retail price of US$129.99. If you want to experience a better desktop input solution, you can try it.

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