It is reported that Sony will significantly reduce the price of PS5: in response to Microsoft's new Xbox X pricing

Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones


September 12th 2020

For Microsoft, it has generously announced the aggressive pricing of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. The prices of the former and the latter are 299.99 and 499 US dollars which is very much for Sony. Great pressure.

It is reported that Microsoft is selling the new host at a loss, but in order to win the market, it is inevitable to do so, although the cost of upgrading the new host has increased significantly.

According to the latest report, Sony’s pricing assumption for Microsoft’s new mainframe is “much higher” than the current US$300/500.

However, Sony is not without fighting back, at least it can lower the price of PS5. Specifically, the PS5 digital version is expected to be as low as US$400 (about 2735 RMB), and the standard version with an optical drive is US$500 (about 3419 RMB).

Judging from the information gathered from all aspects, the two major companies are obviously playing a "cowardly game", waiting for the other side to announce an "unfavorable" price first, and then claim that they are more competitive.

If the two start a price war on the new console (at least Microsoft has already started), then both companies are willing to sell at a loss in the early stage

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