How to grow eyelashes longer: Detailed analysis

Grecia Vasquez

Grecia Vasquez


August 16th 2020

Eyelashes really affect the appearance!!

The first time the I realized this was when he was in middle school, when it snowed a lot, a little girl from the class next door actually had a snowflake on her eyelashes...a snowflake...At that time, my heart was...ah.. ....right...... Ah...Long eyelashes are so beautiful! If wish my eyelashes are long and thick.

Well, I will not bore you girls with my story; my point is I believe you have all made similar sighs.

We all have the question in our mind; can we grow eyelashes longer? Can we use any product, which will promote the growth of eyelashes? In fact, there are such products. But the effect of such products and whether you can use it is another matter.

In this article, we will discuss about eyelashes growth and the products to achieve it.

How does the eyelashes grow?

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You may have heard a saying:

The eyelashes cannot grow back if you cut them

"Leg hair cannot be shaved, the more you shave, the larger it grows."

So which statement is true?

In fact, both of the statement are wrong.

The right answer is,

Every hair on your body grows periodically in a similar manner, does not matter its eyelashes, eyebrows or hair in any other part of the body.

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Each cycle can be roughly divided into three stages:

Growth period (Anagen Phase): This is the working time of the hair follicle. During this period, the hair follicle will draw the hair-making raw materials from the surrounding capillaries, making hair day and night, and then you can see the hair grow out of the hair follicle, longer and longer. The growth period of hair can last for more than three years; on the other hand, the growth period of eyebrows and eyelashes is generally only one month to one and a half months.

Degenerative period (Catagen phase): The hair follicle is about to get off work, and start packing things to go home. At this stage, the hair stops growing and the hair follicle gradually shrinks.

Resting period (Telogen phase): The hair follicle goes home and sleeps, and the previously created hair falls off. Wait for the next cycle to create a new one from the beginning.

So easy!

In short, the growth pattern of all hair on the body looks very simple, and we can draw conclusions if we analyze it carefully:

Since the growth period grows hair, how long that hair can grow is completely determined by the length of the growth period of the hair follicle. The longer the growth period lasts and the faster the hair creation speed, the longer the hair can grow. So seeing this, you can draw two conclusion on how to promote eyelash growth:

1. Increase the duration of the growth period of the eyelash follicles.

2. Improve the hair-making speed and quality of hair follicles during the growth period.

Ingredients that can accelerate the growth of eyelashes


Bimatoprost is currently found to be the most effective ingredient for eyelash growth. It was originally used as a drug to lower intraocular pressure and treat glaucoma. As a result, doctors found that the patient's eyelashes grew very fast during the treatment, and the eyelashes could grow longer.

What Bimatoprost does is extend the growth period of eyelashes, and increase the number of eyelashes in the growth period.The U.S. FDA approved the first eyelash growth product with bimatoprost in 2001, Latisse (0.03% bimatoprost), which needs to be used continuously for more than 2 months. The official before and after comparison chart is like this of:

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It is very effective. However, the bad news is that after stopping this product, eyelashes will gradually return to their previous length and original growth cycle.

In addition, some users will experience a series of side effects: such as itching, congestion, burning sensation, temporary darkening of the eye skin, permanent iris pigmentation and so on.

Therefore, in the United States, latisse is classified as a prescription drug and needs to be purchased and used with a prescription under the guidance of a doctor.

I want to remind friends who wants to use this product:

Be sure to use it carefully in accordance with the instructions and strictly control the dosage. Be sure not to use it on the lower eyelid, but only on the eyelash roots at the edge of the upper eyelid. In addition, if the eye itself has other diseases, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

In short, bimatoprost is an effective but controversial eyelash growth ingredient that needs to be used with caution.

 Now some eyelash growth liquids will specifically states, "this product does not contain bimatoprost", but uses peptides and amino acids. , Vitamins and natural XX extracts are the main functional ingredients.

Lets talk about Peptides.


Peptides are small short chains composed of amino acids. They have various functions. Some peptides can act as signal molecules and transmit signals to cells.

Many peptides claim to grow eyelashes. Some of them are relatively well known such as myristoyl pentapeptide-17 and myristoyl hexapeptide-16, and some people specifically named them "eyelash peptides."

Myristoyl claims that, it can promote hair follicle cells to produce more keratin, which in turn promotes eyelash growth. The slogan often says "24% growth in two weeks", but I doubt it.

Put paulsa choise boost peptides picture, price, and rating.

There is also an "eyebrow promoting peptide" (acetyl tetrapeptide-3), which claims to repair hair follicles and stimulate hair growth, but it also lacks sufficient research support.

In general, businesses often claim that certain peptides can directly stimulate eyelash growth, with good results and no side effects. However, there are few related researches at present suggests, to be cautious with this products.

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Paula's Choice Peptide Boost


Panthenol is also known as provitamin B5, it will be converted into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) in the human body, and then does its job.Vitamin B5 has been fully studied, and it can indeed maintain the health of skin and hair. Some shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and other hair products often add vitamin B5, but generally, it is just a bit of added vitamin B5. However proper diet is very important for skin and hair growth. It is rarely heard that someone suffer from hair loss or thinning eyelashes due to lack of vitamin B5.

Therefore, if you are happens to be an unlucky person who has lost eyelashes due to lack of vitamin B, you can indeed restore the original length of eyelashes by supplementing vitamin B. However, for most people, if you want Vitamin B to act as a component to further grow eyelashes, the effect may not be so obvious.

Vitamin E

As a fat-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin E can be better stored on the surface of the hair and hair follicles, helping the hair and hair follicles resist oxidative damage. To put it in other words, it is to protect the hair and create a better growth environment for the hair. Considering, the eyelid position is generally not covered with sunscreen, and the protection against oxidative damage caused by ultraviolet rays is weak, try using Vitamin E-containing eyelash growth liquid. There may be surprises.

In general, among these effective ingredients for eyelash growth, bimatoprost is recognized as the best ingredient. The disadvantage is that side effects may occur.

Peptide products are very popular, but there is currently a lack of research support.

Strictly speaking, other ingredients such as panthenol and Vitamin E are not increasing eyelashes. Kelly Dobos, chairperson of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, believes that these ingredients are similar to conditioners and can nourish/protect eyelashes. Reduce eyelash breakage and make your eyelashes "look more and longer."

Eyelashes Growth Product

Below I will recommend your 4 best eyelash growth product.  


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  • Dermatologist certified 
  •  hypoallergenic, non-irritating, clinically tested, allergy tested & dermatologist tested. Never tested on animals.
  • Highly rated with customers. 


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Price is little bit higher than pronexa.

  • lash enhancing serum infused with a blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids
  •  Ophthalmologist tested
  •  helping to enhance short, thinning, brittle lashes


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  • is designed to give you not only thicker and longer lash & brow look, but also make them healthier and stronger.
  • advanced technology and natural botanicals, our eyelash growth serum helps protect against breakage and brittleness, while also improving flexibility, moisture, and shine.

I rate this one highly.


How to grow eyelashes longer: Detailed analysis image 72

  • This lash-friendly formula hydrates the lashes for healthier-looking results
  • Faster Results

If you wanna buy this one, just make sure buy the 2ml bottle.


Eyelashes can indeed be temporarily lengthened and thickened with the help of some ingredients that promote growth, but the relevant research so far is not sufficient, and there are fewer proven effective ingredients. The effect of bimatoprost is one of the best, but there is a possibility of side effects. There are few researches on peptide products, so it is recommended to wait and see. The main function of other ingredients such as panthenol is to nourish and protect the eyelashes and prevent them from becoming short. Therefore, my suggestion is that if you really have a need for longer eyelashes, you can try eyelash growth products, but you must use it with caution, follow the instructions for use, and do not overdo it, use it too frequently, or apply it to areas that are not recommended.

Try to choose a relatively well known and reliable company, you may wish to try on the eyebrows first (after all, the eyebrows are farther from the eyes than the eyelashes); pregnant women, or people with sensitive skin problems should use it with caution and follow the doctor's advice.

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