Gold For Skin Care: Myth Or Truth

Kristina Ives

Kristina Ives


August 24th 2020

When you are still hesitating, thinking which kind of ice cream will not cost you a too much money so that your monthly budget does not go over. There are people who are already eating gold wrap ice cream lol.

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When you are feeling tired after a hardworking day and you decided to apply a facial mask and relax, there are people who are taking facial mask to new height and applying gold in their face.

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When you are still wondering which skin care product is more cost effective and more value-for-money, there are some people who have already unlocked the extraordinary gold mixed skincare products and applying them.

Behind any popular phenomenon, there are often suspicions. And gold usage in eating and skin care is a new extraordinary phenomenon.  Today we are going to taste this kind of “money worship’” culture. Is it the annihilation of human nature or the loss of morality? Is it because there is too much money to spend, or it will be the new norm like smartphones.

Is it safe to add gold to food/cosmetics? 

Doubts from foodies:

Can gold be eaten?

In recent years, the trend of eating "gold" can be described as outrageous. There are countless gold leaf candy, gold leaf cakes, gold leaf wine, etc.; and "suicide by swallowing gold" is never a fabricated legend. So, the problem is here: eating gold , Could it be dangerous for your life?

As a scientific, realistic and enthusiastic person, I went to study "suicide by swallowing gold." It turns out that people who swallow gold generally swallow gold nuggets of a certain size, and the main cause of death is actually physical damage caused by large pieces of gold in the body, such as: oppression or blockage , Or scratch the digestive tract.

In other words, if you take a large object that cannot be digested, decomposed and absorbed, and is hard enough, you can actually achieve the same effect. Gold is a fairly stable inert metal and has strong ductility. One gram of gold can be beaten into 0.5 square meters of pure gold foil with a thickness of 0.12 microns (Note: 1 meter = 1*10^6 microns). Then according to this reference standard, a simple estimate of each piece of gold foil: if it is the standard specification of 9.33cm*9.33cm, each piece of pure gold foil is only about 0.0174g.

From this point of view, gold leaf can be considered as thin as a cicada wing, and the texture is very soft. As long as the wallet is strong enough and a small amount is taken, it is not a big problem. Do not forget that we are humans who can pull anything lol. The gold leaf we eat will not harm the digestive tract, nor will it be digested, but will be excreted with excrement.

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And how does edible gold leaf taste? taste! Yes, you read it right, there is no taste! If you have to put any adjectives on it, it must smell of "money".  Which it doesn’t duh!. Gold does not have any small or taste. I repeat no smell or taste.

Although many parts of the world allow the use of gold leaf as a food additive, there are also some records of edible gold leaf treatment in traditional medicine in China.

For example, the "Compendium of Materia Medica"( The Compendium of Materia Medica is regarded as the most complete and comprehensive medical book ever written in the history of traditional Chinese medicine. It lists all the plants, animals, minerals, and other items that were believed to have medicinal properties.) records "Eating gold, calms the spirit, strengthens the bone marrow, helps the five internal organs, and takes us near to the gods spiritually. Especially the gold leaf is used in acupuncture.

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However, at present I doubt most country will label gold leaf as a food item. And in future it will stay the same.

Can gold be used for skin care?

Compared with the food industry, in the field of beauty and skin care, gold is getting recognition.

Many skin care products have adopted gold as an ingredient, and adverting it as a more luxurious and advanced by-product. However, what is the actual situation? How effective is gold in skin care products?

Is there any evidence for gold skin care?

Since ancient times, gold leaf beauty has been quite popular, but until now, there are still few references on gold skin care. What can be confirmed is that the role of nano-gold (tiny particles of gold with a diameter of 1-100nm) is indeed completely beyond our previous understanding of inert metallic gold. As a skin conditioner, nano-gold can play a super anti-oxidant effect and UV blocking effect.

But! The so-called gold creates a good environment to help the skin better absorb nutrients and moisture; the so-called accelerate the metabolism of epidermal cells and enhance skin elasticity; the so-called penetrate into the skin, neutralize free radicals, and tighten wrinkles... The theoretical basis for these claims is simply not sufficient!

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Gold may be useless, which does not mean that products with gold are useless 

To be honest, compared to other ingredients, gold foil does not actually play a key role. Even if the gold content is 99.99% and the gold purity is 24k, the skin care effect of nano-grade pure gold foil is still doubtful. What it mainly provides is super-high value and luxury, which is just icing on the cake

As the icing on the cake, we do not have to place too much expectation on the effects of gold leaf. However, this does not mean that this type of product will be killed in one stroke, but it is just a small member of the many components of this type of product. Gold may be useless, but it does not mean that products with gold are useless.

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Many products, although gold is added, their standing is not gold at all (for example, in this liquid foundation, gold is likely to only act as a colorant). As for whether they are worth the price with gold added, is it a large-scale flicker scene, or is it value for money and really fragrant? The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. Skin care is an esoteric art. It started with the appearance of no shame. Many of the products I started with were super high in appearance, which made me fall in love at first sight; but it really allowed me to stick to use and repurchase. Those who can capture me from the effect, finally the effect is king.

To sum up

In summary, there are a lot of things I have said, which can be briefly summarized as the following points:

At present, most of the country have not clearly affirmed that gold foil can enter the category of food additives

1) The main cause of death by swallowing gold is the physical damage caused by large pieces of gold in the body (for example: or oppression, or blockage, or scratching the digestive tract)

2) Taking gold leaf will not harm the digestive tract, nor will it be digested, but will be excreted with excrement

3) It is not a big problem to take a small amount of gold leaf (food grade), but it is necessary to pay attention to moderation and beware of tricks.

 Gold can be used as a colorant, skin conditioner and slip aid in cosmetics

1) The skin care effect of gold is not sufficient in theoretical basis and doubtful

2) The gold foil in cosmetics mainly provides a sense of luxury and super high value, which is just icing on the cake

3) Gold may be useless, but it is not necessary to kill all gold-containing cosmetics in one stroke. Many products are not gold at all.

Do you also love high-end glittery cosmetics? You are welcome to share this article in Facebook and twitter. What gold-containing skin care products have you used? Or do you know anyone using it? I foresee a big wave of gold mixed cosmetics in near future

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