Don't buy iPhone 11 or SE2 yet: Apple will cut prices immediately!

Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones


September 12th 2020

Before the release of iPhone 12, users waited for the new phone, which caused some old iPhone models to be unsalable.

JPMorgan Chase cited a survey by Wave7 Research as saying that overall iPhone sales are "slowing down significantly," especially sales of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2.

Analysts said that although sales of the iPhone SE by some operators seem to have maintained well in recent months, the sales momentum of the low-end iPhone has indeed eased. JPMorgan Chase pointed out that due to the re-emergence of the new crown epidemic, only 58% of US Apple retail stores are currently open, compared with 80% at the end of June.

The survey also pointed out that many users who plan to buy iPhones have also stopped. These people are holding money and waiting for the new phone. In other words, they want to see what the iPhone 12 is like and then decide whether to continue buying the old model.

Of course, after the iPhone 12 comes out, the price of old models such as the iPhone 11 will be reduced, and the drop is quite large.

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