Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone

Amber Bermudez

Amber Bermudez


September 4th 2020

Not long ago, Canon officially launched EOS R5 and EOS R6 two new full-frame special micro-lens products. Among them, our protagonist today, EOS R6, is a full-frame mirrorless camera that is highly cost-effective for mass consumers. Although full-frame cameras have become more and more popular, most consumers are not professional users, so if you want to take higher-quality photos, but don’t need too expensive models, then this Canon EOS R6 is very suitable. Selection object. And Canon EOS R6 has excellent performance in image quality, high-speed continuous shooting, autofocus, 4K video, anti-shake, operability, etc., even the creative needs of professional photographers can be met, and it is for many photography hobbies. Video creators provide a more balanced choice.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 1

    The EOS-1D X Mark III-based CMOS image sensor with approximately 20.1 million effective pixels and the DIGIC X digital image processor bring powerful image data processing capabilities to achieve higher ISO sensitivity, high-speed reading and low power consumption Characteristics. Compared to the 45 million pixels of the EOS R5, the EOS R6 has a lower pixel density, so it is precisely because of this that it has a standard sensitivity of up to ISO 102400. In addition, after expansion, the camera can further provide an ultra-wide range of sensitivity of ISO 50 (L) and the highest ISO 204800 (H). Previously, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III's high-sensitivity image quality has won unanimous praise, especially the high-sensitivity noise control ability is very good, so this EOS R6 with the same CMOS and processor is believed to be not bad. At the same time, like the flagship EOS R5, the EOS R6 is equipped with a 5-axis image stabilization function. When paired with a lens that supports optical image stabilization, the camera body and compatible lenses can work together to achieve a maximum 8-level shake compensation effect.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 4

Canon EOS R 6 shooting samples

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 5

100% zoom in and crop

  Although Canon EOS R6 has only about 20.1 million effective pixels, the new CMOS image sensor still has a very high resolution. The above sample is very clear after 100% magnification, and both the skin texture around the bird’s eye and the texture of the fluff are very sharp and solid.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 7

Canon EOS R 6 shooting samples

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 8

Canon EOS R6 shooting samples

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 9

Canon EOS R 6 shooting samples

 Although the positioning is not a high-end model, Canon EOS R6 is fully equipped with the strength of the flagship model in focusing and continuous shooting this time. It not only has the same new full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF II as EOS R5, but also has up to 1,053 AF frames. In the "face + tracking" auto focus mode, the auto focus range can cover up to about 100% of the frame. , And support the detection and focus of the body, face and eyes of people, cats, dogs and birds, especially the detection and recognition of bird eyes, which further improves the success rate of animal photography; for continuous shooting, EOS R6 is equipped with electronic shutter The maximum continuous shooting speed in shooting mode is about 20 frames per second. When using a mechanical shutter or an electronic front curtain shutter, the maximum continuous shooting speed is about 12 frames per second, which is already close to the continuous shooting speed of the EOS-1D X Mark III top SLR (The maximum continuous shooting of EOS-1D X Mark III mechanical shutter is 16 frames per second, and the maximum continuous shooting of electronic shutter is 20 frames per second), but this is only a popular full-frame model.

    In terms of video shooting, although Canon EOS R6 is not as "dominant" as EOS R5 that can shoot 8K RAW files, it also supports up to 4K UHD 60P (NTSC)/50P (PAL) without cropping video recording, and it is 5.1K oversampling , Can provide richer video picture details, and can also perform 1080p 120FPS upgrade shooting; in addition, EOS R6 also supports in-camera recording in 10bit 4:2:2 Canon Log and 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR PQ modes , It is convenient for later stage color correction and production.

Outside view does not lose control of the professional SLR convenient

    Compared to the EOS SLR, the EOS 6D Mark II is lighter and smaller than the EOS 5D Mark IV. The EOS R6 of the EOS R system is very close to the EOS R5 in appearance size, 138.4×97.5×88.4mm The overall size is relatively compact as a full-frame model, plus the weight of about 680g including battery and memory card, it is light and portable, and it also provides greater mobility.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 14

Canon EOS R6 overall appearance

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 15

Canon EOS R6 with RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 16

Canon EOS R6 top button layout

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 17

Canon EOS R6 back button layout

 It can be said that although EOS R6 is a mirrorless camera, it has a strong Canon EOS SLR gene. Although the shoulder screen design is cancelled, it has a physical shooting exposure mode dial. In terms of control logic, dial and button settings, EOS R6 is exactly the same as EOS high-end SLR, maintaining the same professionalism, for example, you can intuitively set and adjust important parameters such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation. , The most obvious main dial and two quick control dials on the right side of the camera can adjust settings for multiple operations. In addition, the multi-function control button (focus joystick) only available on high-end models is also available this time on EOS R6. Helps quickly and intuitively select and adjust the AF point. It can be said that in terms of control, EOS R6 is almost not much different from EOS R5 except for the lack of a shoulder screen.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 19

    Canon EOS R6's EVF electronic viewfinder specifications are also very good. The high-resolution display of about 3.69 million pixels is very clear, up to 119.88 frames per second, and there is almost no delay when shooting and framing. It is for tracking fast-moving objects. Provided convenience.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 21

Equipped with 1.62 million pixels touch-sensitive rotatable touch screen, convenient for shooting from high, low angle or vertical direction

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 22

Approximately 20.1 million effective pixels CMOS sensor with built-in 5-axis anti-shake mechanism

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 23

Multi-directional rotating main dial and focus point selection lever are also available

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 24

Dual SD card slot design

 Since Canon EOS R6 cannot shoot 8K and 4K 120p videos, it does not require that high speed in terms of storage media, so it uses a more mainstream SD card and is designed with dual card slots to facilitate separate storage of data and files And backup.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 26

   Rich data interface, with 3.5mm standard microphone and headphone interface. In addition, the EOS R6 uses sealing materials at the joints of external parts, and high-precision parts are used in the parts where sealing materials cannot be used, such as the dial and button gaps, to achieve a certain degree of dust and drip resistance

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 27

    In terms of battery life, the new model of lithium battery LP-E6NH used in EOS R6 has the same size as LP-E6N, and the capacity is increased to 2130mAh (LP-E6N is 1865mAh), which further improves battery life. According to official data, EOS R6 can take about 250 shots using the electronic viewfinder when shooting still images, about 360 shots can be taken using real-time display on the screen, and continuous shooting for about 2 hours and 40 minutes for video shooting. It is also worth mentioning that when using EOS R6, I found that the boot speed is very fast. Basically, it can enter the shooting state immediately without waiting. The same is true for the electronic viewfinder, so it can be turned on and used immediately like a SLR.

Support bird eye detection and focus, the fastest 20fps high-speed continuous shooting

    In addition to the advancement of focusing technology, in addition to having more AF focus points and a wider coverage of the focus point range, the more important and practical point is whether the subject can be more accurately focused. Based on advanced autofocus algorithms and deep learning technology, EOS R6 supports not only the recognition of faces and eyes of people, but also the detection and focusing of the bodies, faces and eyes of cats, dogs and birds, especially bird eyes. Detection and recognition is not only realized for the first time on Canon EOS models, but also popularized on non-flagship-level fuselages. It can be said that Canon is very atmospheric this time, and it has not simplified the focus and continuous shooting due to positioning reasons, and has maintained the same focus performance and speed with the EOS R5.

 In actual shooting, after turning on human face/eye recognition and setting the camera to AI SERVO servo auto focus mode, as long as a human face appears in the screen, press the shutter halfway, no matter how the subject moves, turns around, or the face disappears on the screen , But as long as you turn around and come back, the EOS R6's focus frame will be firmly locked on the person's eye. Even if it shakes and moves quickly left and right, the focus will always follow without any drag. So no matter how the subject moves when shooting portraits, even active children can keep the focus point on the eyes of the person.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 32

The focus frame can continuously track the animal's eyes

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 33

Animal eye focus

    Similarly, when shooting animals or even birds, EOS R6's real-time eye focus is also very practical. As long as the animal’s eyes appear in the screen, the focus frame will immediately track the animal’s eyes, and because of the "face + tracking" In the auto focus mode, the auto focus range of the EOS R6 can cover up to about 100% of the screen, so even if the swan has swam to the edge of the viewfinder in the above animation, the focus point can still be locked and tracked continuously. It is worth mentioning that, compared to human eyes on the same plane, most of the eyes of animals and birds are located on both sides of the head, so this is a very test of the camera's focusing ability. In the actual shooting, when the bird is facing the camera, although EOS R6 cannot detect its eyes, the focus will not be off or out of focus, but will continue to focus on the entire head Auto focus, and when it turns its head, the camera immediately turns to focus on the eyes. For photographers or friends who like to "shoot birds", this is definitely a new shooting experience.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 35

20 frames/sec continuous shooting

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 36

Continuous shooting samples

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 37

100% enlarged screenshot of sample

    The EOS R6 continuous shooting speed can reach a maximum of about 20 frames per second when using the electronic shutter, and it is also servo autofocus, not only focusing on the first frame, but not only surpassing most of the same types of cameras on the market Model, but it is completely the level of a flagship camera. Basically, the EOS R6 can achieve very clear focus of each photo during actual continuous shooting, and there is no virtual or out-of-focus situation, and the focus is very accurate.

    In addition, in the process of using EOS R6, the focus speed and focus accuracy of the camera in the dark environment do greatly surpass the same type of products. After all, it has the lowest focus sensitivity of -6.5EV, which is not only the first time in the history of Canon EOS cameras, Even in the higher-end market, it is difficult to find a camera that exceeds this value.

8-level anti-shake is more stable than expected

    Canon EOS R6 takes advantage of the large aperture of the RF mount and the short rear focus distance, adding a 5-axis anti-shake function to the body. Using any EF or RF lens with EOS R6 to shoot, you can get the anti-shake effect during shooting. At the same time, if you use a lens with IS anti-shake, you can also turn on the coordinated anti-shake function of the body and the compatible lens, which can achieve up to 8 levels of shake compensation. In the collaborative anti-shake mode, the gyroscope sensors located in the body and the lens will collect jitter information at the same time, and realize high-speed transmission of information through the RF mount. The DIGIC X digital image processor and the lens CPU perform data analysis and calibration. Through verification and calculation, more accurate image shake compensation data is generated for the body and lens, and finally a better anti-shake effect is obtained.

    Next, let’s take a look at the anti-shake effect of Canon EOS R6 ( with Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS II USM lens, hand-held shooting with 200mm telephoto end, turn anti-shake on/off to capture 100% magnification. Contrast ).

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 43

  When shooting, I didn’t rely on any objects, and I took all hand-held shots. From the comparison of the above picture, it is obvious that even in the 1/200s safety shutter, when the anti-shake is not turned on, the picture still has a small shake, and After turning on the anti-shake, except for the last 0.6s exposure photo which is slightly less sharp, basically every picture is very clear. However, the photos were taken continuously at one time and were not repeated several times. Therefore, the same results may not be obtained in each test, but at least it can prove that Canon EOS R6 can fully compensate the 8-level shutter speed after turning on 5-axis anti-shake. OK.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 45

0.6 handheld shooting

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 46

100% zoom in and crop

   Under the relatively limited exposure time of 1s, the 5-axis image stabilization of Canon EOS R6 is still very reliable, the picture is very clear, and even the print texture of the magazine cover paper can be clearly distinguished. However, it should be noted that if you want to obtain a more stable and clear picture after more than 5 levels of shutter compensation, it is recommended to use the electronic shutter for shooting. If the mechanical shutter is not used for the first-hand skill, it will still be due to camera shake The effect causes the picture to be blurred.

   It is worth mentioning that the turn-off and turn-on of the anti-shake function of the Canon EOS R6 body is related to the lens, and it does not always appear in the MENU menu. When the EOS R6 is equipped with a lens with IS anti-shake, there is no body anti-shake option in the camera menu. It can only be turned on and off by adjusting the "STABILIZER" anti-shake switch on the lens. When the anti-shake is turned off, the IS of the lens Both optical image stabilization and 5-axis image stabilization are disabled at the same time. You cannot select only body image stabilization; when EOS R6 is equipped with a lens without IS image stabilization, it will appear under the sub-category on page 7 of the photo function menu in the MENU. The anti-shake function option of "Image Stabilizer Mode", you can choose to turn on or off the body anti-shake through this menu option.

Excellent noise control ability

    Although Canon EOS R6 does not take the high-pixel route, the lower the pixel density, the better the high-sensitivity image quality under the same frame size. The EOS R6 uses the same 20.1 million effective pixel CMOS image sensor as the top flagship SLR EOS-1D X Mark III. It adopts a new design, has the advantage of low noise, and is equipped with a newly developed low-pass filter. While suppressing moiré and false colors, it enhances the fineness of the image. At the same time, combined with the more powerful new DIGIC X digital image processor, it brings a very good high ISO sensitivity performance, the standard sensitivity range has been increased to ISO 100-102400, and the extended sensitivity is up to ISO 204800.

  At standard sensitivity, Canon EOS R6 performs well within ISO 6400, and the picture is pure and rich in details. At ISO 12800-25600 sensitivity, although the picture has noise and the details are decreasing, it is under standard noise reduction. JPG's direct noise control ability and image quality performance is still acceptable; at the highest value of ISO 102400, the image quality can be felt to continue to decline, but there is still no obvious noise, and it still has a certain degree in some extreme environments Availability. EOS R6 has a significant loss of image quality under the extended sensitivity ISO 204800, but in fact, if such a high ISO is really used, the meaning is not how rich the details are, but whether the subject can be distinguished under this ISO. For example, when shooting wild animals in dark outdoor scenes, it is more important to be able to clearly shoot first, so at least for EOS R6, ISO 204800 is not completely unusable.


   The sensor of Canon EOS R6 is newly designed and optimized, so is this brand new CMOS latitude as good as ever? Next, we will test the samples taken by EOS R6 from underexposure -3EV to overexposure +3EV to see the image quality performance after returning to the normal exposure value (±0EV). At present, the latest Adobe Camera RAW 12.4 version already supports EOS R6, so we use ACR software to convert RAW to JPG files for comparison.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 54

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 55

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 56

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 57

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 58

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 59

 From the comparison screenshots above, EOS R6's JPG and RAW have good performance in overexposure and underexposure conditions. When overexposing and using RAW format, you can get more highlight details, and the highlights at +3EV Overflow can also be pulled back; under-exposure using RAW format can also get better details and cleaner pictures. In terms of latitude alone, this EOS R6 did not disappoint. At least in the commonly used exposure interval of -3EV to +3EV, both JPG and RAW format files provide sufficient post-processing space.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 61

Canon EOS R6 underexposure samples taken

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 62


   In such a large light ratio environment, using EOS R6 for underexposure -3EV for shooting, the original film can be said to be a waste film. But after using the software to adjust later, in the case of an increase of more than +3EV exposure, you can see from the adjusted sample that both the highlight details and the noise control in the dark are very ideal, and you can see the level of the highlight cloud area. Performance, and the dark part of the building not only has excellent picture quality and clarity after brightening, but also no other noise appears.

Support 4K 60p HD video shooting without cropping

    Although Canon EOS R6 is not as powerful as its big brother EOS R5 in video shooting, it also realizes the function of cropless 4K UHD 60P movie shooting. Not only can it take advantage of the full-frame image sensor's easy-to-obtain blurring feature, but also make full use of the lens. The horizontal angle of view creates wide-angle videos that provide convenience for shooting grand scenes. Of course, EOS R6 also supports the shooting of cropped 4K UHD movies, which can obtain image effects that are farther than the actual focal length of the lens.

  Since EOS R6's 4K is recorded in 5.1K super-sampling mode, a clearer and more detailed picture can be obtained. Not only that, EOS R6 also has HDR PQ movie shooting function, which can obtain short movie effects with color brightness closer to the human visual experience, and the built-in Canon Log provides greater convenience for professional video creators in post-grading

   This time, EOS R6’s video functions are very comprehensive. In addition to 4K without cropping, it also supports 120p upgraded video recording at 1080p resolution, which is very suitable for shooting video images that need to be similar to "slow motion", such as water droplets and objects. The moment of falling, waves, etc. It should be noted that when shooting an upgraded video, no sound is recorded. At the same time, it can reach 120p in NTSC video format, and 100p in PAL format.

Canon EOS R6 also supports second-generation full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF, human/animal eye detection, and 5-axis anti-shake function in video mode. In addition, combined with enhanced digital IS anti-shake, it can also achieve more stable handheld video recording effects .

More Canon EOS R6 full-frame micro real shot samples:

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 70

ISO 4000

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 71

ISO 51200

    Canon EOS R6's high-sensitivity image quality performance is satisfactory. Under ISO 4000 sensitivity, it is no different from photos taken with low-sensitivity, with rich details and no noise; while ISO 51200 is used for high-sensitivity shooting at the seaside , It can be seen that the noise control of the picture is also very ideal. The high sense makes the stars in the sky brighter, but the overall texture of the ground scenery and the photo is still very pure.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 73

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 74

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 75

Evaluation summary:

    Although Canon EOS R6 is a full-frame model targeting the masses, this does not mean that it represents amateur or unprofessional. On the contrary, EOS R6 not only has a full-frame CMOS sensor and the latest generation image processor optimized based on the top flagship SLR EOS-1D X Mark III, but also provides excellent high-sensitivity image quality and latitude performance; at the same time, EOS The R6 is on par with the full-frame micro flagship model EOS R5 in terms of focus and continuous shooting. It also has 8 levels of body anti-shake, allowing it to achieve better handheld shooting effects in any scene, and -6.5 The low-light focusing performance of EV allows this EOS R6 to focus quickly and accurately in various environments. Although there is no professional-level video function such as 8K RAW, the 5.1K super-sampling 4K 60p video internal recording of EOS R6 is beyond the reach of other co-located products. Combined with excellent camera performance, it can be used as a professional video creation tool.

Canon EOS R6 Review: Camera for everyone image 78

    At present, Canon EOS R6 has been officially launched, the price of a single body is $2,499.00 , if you don’t have the need for 8K shooting, but you want to enjoy most of the performance of the EOS R5 flagship micro-single, then maybe this EOS R6 It is a more cost-effective choice. In actual shooting and use, I think this EOS R6 can fully meet the needs of most users and even some professional photographers, because it is a fairly balanced micro-camera in terms of image quality, focus and functions.

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