A camera that can fly at home! Amazon's Ring launches new products

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry


September 25th 2020

Amazon's smart doorbell manufacturer Ring has released a new home security camera that will fly. Essentially, this home camera called Always Home Cam is a small drone with a camera installed, and it can shoot video with a maximum resolution of 1080p and is compatible with the Ring Alarm system. When the user is not at home, it can fly around indoors, allowing the user to observe the scene in any room. Once the established flight path is completed, the Always Home Cam will automatically return to the base to charge the battery. Ring announced that the Always Home Cam will begin shipping next year, with an estimated price of US$249.99.

  Ring founder and "chief inventor" Jamie Siminoff (Jamie Siminoff) said that the idea behind Always Home Cam is to provide multi-view surveillance for the entire family without using multiple cameras. In an interview before the announcement, Siminov said that the company had spent two years focusing on the research and development of this device. He emphasized that this is an “obviously difficult product”, but thanks to drones. Advances in technology have allowed the company to manufacture such products and operate as designed.

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Always Home Cam is an automated device, but the user can set its flight route and monitor the target area. When using this device for the first time, the user needs to let the Always Home Cam device draw a map about the entire room. The Always Home Cam also allows users to monitor more specific areas such as the kitchen or bedroom. Always Home Cam can fly according to user instructions, or it can be connected to the Ring Alarm system to check the situation when an alarm occurs.

However, the charging base of the Always Home Cam blocks the camera, so the camera of the Always Home Cam can only monitor while flying. The Ring company said that the equipment will make unavoidable noises when flying, and it cannot be completely blocked when shooting videos.

According to Ring, the flight camera can be used to check whether the stove is not closed, whether the window is open, or whether the door is locked when the user leaves the house. Its biggest feature is excellent obstacle avoidance technology, which can avoid objects on the flight path, and the propeller with protective cover can prevent damage to other things.

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