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Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry


August 12th 2020

I read a comment in my Facebook saying, “Although this problem seems very simple, thinking about it carefully, it seems that many people don't know or cannot correctly understand their skin.”

When you cannot correctly understand your skin condition, skin care naturally becomes a difficult task. To judge the skin correctly, you first need to know a few basic information: 

What determines dry/oily skin?

It is actually very simple: the criterion for judging dry, oily or neutral skin is the amount of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands.

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In terms of the physiological structure of the skin: the oil secretion of the sebaceous glands is the fundamental factor that determines the amount of oil produced by the skin. The amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands is actually determined by nature.

But don't rush to conclusions here. Because we have also said before, the factors that affect one thing are often multifaceted. For example, you are usually hungry at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, but you are hungry at 3 o'clock today. It may be that you have not eaten enough at noon, or that you have increased your exercise today.

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The influence of living environment on the skin:

If you have been to cities with different humidity for a period of time, you will probably have a deep understanding on how your body react to weather.  Living In a place where the weather is humid, your body will produce more oil. On the contrary, in cold weather your body will produce less oil. And the root cause of this phenomenon, is the effect of environment on the flow of sebum. In humid weather, the flow increases and skin feels oily.

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The influence of human emotion on oil production:

Another important factor affecting oil production is emotions. Emotional changes will directly affect hormone fluctuations in the body, thereby stimulating sebaceous gland secretion. Therefore, most people show excessive oiliness when staying up late and excessive emotional stress, and even cause acne problems.

Skin barrier condition:

We have said many times, the most important function of the skin is the barrier. In fact, a very important point for skin care is how to maintain the skin barrier in a healthy state.

The function of the skin barrier is to shield the harmful irritants outside the skin on the one hand, and to prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients in the skin on the other hand. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skins own moisturizing ability becomes worse. As a result, the skin is in its own stress response, which will encourage the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

In summary: dry or oily skin is actually determined by many factors. It also shows that the amount of oil on the skin can be adjusted and controlled by correct skin care methods.

How to judge whether it is dry skin or oily skin?

In fact, the method is very simple:

Whether it is in the morning or in the evening, immediately after washing your face, use a paper towel or cotton soft towel to press the moisture on the surface of the dry skin and then use it for half an hour to one hour without applying any skin care products to feel the oily condition on the face.

For example, if many people do not apply skin care products after washing their face, they will immediately feel that their skin is very dry and tight, which is naturally dry. For some oily skin person, the skin will feel greasy and sticky in about an hour. There are also some neutral skin persons, who may not have any sense of oily/dry feel on their faces even if they do not do any skin care products. Means, they will neither be very oily nor feel tight.

How to adjust skin oil problem through skin care?

Neutral skin should be the ideal skin condition for everyone. But these people are a minority after all. How can dry and oily skin regulate the oily state of the skin through skin care?

The essence of dry skin is actually insufficient moisture retention of the skin itself. It may be that the sebaceous glands secrete less sebum, or it may be that the skin barrier is damaged due to poor moisture retention. For oily skin, it seems that there is a lot of oil, so many people like to control oil, but they often go against it.

The correct method is actually to start with the three magic weapons of basic skin care:

Gentle cleaning:

I have always emphasized the need to be gentle and clean. The purpose of gentle cleansing is to try to avoid destroying the sebum membrane, reduce skin barrier damage, and allow the skin to maintain the skin barrier through self-regulation. Therefore, I always encourage you to use clean water instead of cleansing milk, to use makeup remover once instead of twice.


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Whether it is dry or oily skin, moisturizing is very important. One of my friend shared her journey from daily soap-based facial cleansing to washing only with warm water in the morning.

She said “ In the first week, I felt that my face was greasy without washing my face. The second week started to get better. In the third week, the skin started to feel a little dry after washing the face with warm water. After washing the face, you need to apply moisturizing products.”

In fact, this is a self-regulating process of sebaceous gland secretion. Oil is often just the appearance, and moisturizing can make the level of sebaceous gland secretion reach a normal state.

Sun protection

Let us talk about ultraviolet tanning, sunburn, and photo aging here. One problem with ultraviolet light is that it can cause skin inflammation and may damage the skin barrier. Another problem is that it may stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. Therefore, sun protection is important regardless of who it is and under what environment.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information you will help you to understand your skin better.

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