Top 4 Best Makeup Remover You Can Buy Right now

Renee Young

Renee Young


August 7th 2020

From time to time I get asked by my friends, what is the best makeup remover product?

So today I will share with you guys few makeup remover that I have used myself and tell you about the good and bad. So lets not waste your time and dig into it.

Eve Lom Cleanser

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 Multi-purpose. Multi-award-winning.The original balm Cleanser.

 EVE LOM has a Smooth texture. it is slightly harder when the temperature is low, very soft and waxy in summer; and can be easily emulsified in the palm of your hand. The texture of EVE LOM is oily, but the face does not feel greasy. After emulsification, you can wash your face with lukewarm water, and no secondary cleaning is required. There is no oily feeling after rinsing and your skin will not feel dry. EVE LOM also sells muslin cloth for cleansing. I prefer hand for emulsion but it is up to you.  In addition, EVELOM is also a spa brand; and is highly rated.

So overall, the ability to remove make up is medium to high. One thin to remember is, this product is in the higher end in the price index.

Farmacy Green clean

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 Sunflower and ginger root oils effortlessly remove even the boldest eye makeup

Farmay has a citrus scent, a creamy texture and feels like digging a smoothie when taken out with a scoop. It also emulsify and turn into oil in your palm in a second. The emulsified texture of EVE LOM is more like milky, while Farmacy is oily. Farmcay has a good makeup remove ability and removing eye makeup is very easy. After using, you do not need to use secondary cleansing. It does not make your skin greasy and dry. In terms of ingredients, Farmacy has all the basic cleansing ingredients; moreover, they added antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

One big thing to discuss is EVE LOM contains lanolin, which is a risk for people prone to acne. If you are prone to acne use Farmacy.

Nursery grapefruit cleaning cream

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Natural yuzu fragrance / warming sensation 

It’s a Japanese brand.  Compared to EVE LOM and Farmacy, Nursery is much more cost-effective. The makeup removal ability is medium, and there is slight residual feeling. You need to wash your face with another mild cleansing product after using Nursery. The paste tends to feel grainy when it is emulsified. Unlike EVE LOM and Farmacy, Nursey does not emulsified right way. Only good thing about this brand is the price. It is cheaper than the other two.

Clinique take the day off makeup remover

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Dissolves and "lifts away" long-wearing makeup

Clinique has a white creamy texture, faster emulsification. However, the texture is thicker than EVE LOM and Farmacy. Clinique has no fragrance but it has a clear ointment smell, which some people might not like. This makeup remover is stronger than EVE LOM and Farmacy.  If you want a remover with high potency then look no more, Clinique is for you.

overall, i would say there are other brands too. however, i have used these 4 and really liked them. choice is yours!

Thanks for reading.

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