Best easy to use loose powder for different skin type

Kristina Ives

Kristina Ives


August 11th 2020

Making makeup last longer is as important as doing it. If you want to be a master of makeup than you cannot underestimate the importance of a loose powder.   

In this article, I will review some of the most popular easy to use loose powder.


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COSME DECORTÉ Has a super fine powder quality and feels comfortable when patted on the face.  It can evenly brighten the skin tone and at the same time absorb excess facial oil; Keeping the makeup always clean and fresh. DECORTE has a pearlescent effect. Which is very fine and does not have an excess shiny feeling. This pearlescent effect only appears under the light. Which can brighten the complexation and is full of vitality. This loose powder gives your face a matte complexation with dermabrasion effect. No matter what texture liquid foundation you use, COSME DECORTE will give you a matte! Moreover, no oily feeling. For girls with oily skin, who like matte makeup, this loose powder is a must.

NARS naked light loose powder

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NARS is a very fine loose powder with pearly luster, excellent oil control effect and can extend the durability of makeup. It is suitable for girls with oily  and mixed oily skin. It has a high degree of adherence of the base makeup. NARS loose powder has a subtle flash visible under the light. Which makes the contour of the face three-dimensional. The pores are almost invisible after makeup.  The makeup can be hold and maintained for eight hours . Girls with oily skin, if you see slight oil in the face, use oil-absorbing paper, which will maintain the makeup. NARS loose powder is a very cost effected powder, and it has been loved by many users.

Laura Mercier Loose Powder

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Laura mercier loose powder is a star product and have won lot of international awards. This loose powder contains natural plant ingredients. It is a very matte setting loose powder. This loose powder is very fine and light. A layer of it can give a misty matte makeup look. It keeps the makeup fresh and can adjust the skin texture. This loose powder has a matte texture with a whitish color. Moreover, the powder is very fine and becomes transparent after brushing. It is also very lightweight and has no fragrance. It is suitable for oily, dry or even sensitive skin. Many makeup artist recommends laura mercier for personal use.

MAKE UP FOR EVER High-definition Traceless Loose powder

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This High definition non-marking powder brought to you by MAKE UP FOR EVER is a delicate matte powder. This loose powder give you a silky touch when applied on the face; softens facial blemishes, evens out skin tone and showing a matte finish like satin silk. This powder has a magical effect on oily skin. It has rich natural herbal moisturizing ingredients, which hydrates your skin.  If you have dry skin, don’t worry it won’t get stuck in your face. Another thing to mention, this powder is very light and thin on the face.  When your makeup is complete, apply an even layer on the face.  This loose powder sets up and controls oil at the same time. The color is natural and does not affect the original makeup. It’s a must have treasure to have in the summer.

In the end, I will say if you have a dry skin, choose a more moisturizing loose powder. If you have, an oily skin choose a loose powder with long lasting oil control. 

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