ASUS ROG 3 Gaming Phone Review

Melvin Jones

Melvin Jones


August 15th 2020

Mobile phones dedicated to playing games must have more highlights than ordinary mobile phones, otherwise it will not be possible to break through. So in this regard, how does ROG 3 perform?.  ROG 3 was just launched some time ago, and many people who love online games are already eager for this professional gaming phone.

In this article Rocking Review will do a detailed evaluation of the ROG3 Gaming phone.

Appearance and design

The measurements of ROG Gaming Phone 3 are basically the same as those of the second generation. The specific parameters are 171mm*78mm*9.85mm, and the bare metal weight is 240 grams(8.47 ounces) . This is considered a normal level this year, but due to the curvature of the back of the fuselage and the four corners, it can be held. It doesn't feel heavy, but an illusion of lightness. In terms of the design language of the fuselage, ROG gaming phone 3 is more simple than the second generation, the fuselage color is more darker gray, and the rainbow electroplating pattern is less.The heat dissipation grid on the right side of the fuselage has been redesigned and changed to a heat dissipation fin that penetrates the inner silver. You can see the two precision screws and the red painted grid slot. There is quite a ROG motherboard product. The visual sense of the upper heat dissipation armor. This design is more suitable for friends who like to be low-key, and will not be too ostentatious when taking out.

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The ROG gaming phone 3’s rear lens has been increased to three. They are the 64-megapixel Sony IMX686 main camera, with an aperture of F1.8 and a large pixel size of 1.6um; a 13-megapixel 125-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, and one 5-megapixel macro lens. On the right side of the lens, there is an LED dual-color temperature fill light and a lamp bead for projecting the light source, and the tiny opening on the right is a directional noise reduction microphone, which can better collect human voices during video shooting. And ROG gaming phone 3 also added a lot of camera-specific optimizations this time, such as wind noise reduction, smooth switching of lenses, 4K/480fps slow motion video and manual adjustment of the exposure value of the non-focus area. Although the camera quality of gaming phones is not just a selling point, the three-camera system of ROG gaming phone 3 is more than enough for simple daily photography.

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I believe everyone has also noticed that ROG gaming phones have focused on the horizontal screen holding experience since the first generation. Therefore, the Eye of Prodigal Logo is on the back of the fuselage are placed sideways. The Eye of Prodigal Logo supports RGB. The lights are synchronized with the magic light, which can turn on the killing light effect in a specific game, and can also improve the performance of the mobile phone through RGB, which can do multiple tasks. 

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The 3.5mm headphone jack is removed from the bottom of ROG Gaming Phone 3, but the whole system comes standard with Type-C to 3.5MM headphone cable.The custom interface on the side and the Air Triggers pressure-sensitive shoulder button are further upgraded, which we will introduce later. There is also a 4 Wi-Fi antenna design on the body part, which can also ensure that the player can ensure a stable signal regardless of the holding position.

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Coming to the front, ROG gaming phone 3 uses a 6.59-inch AMOLED gaming screen. Even in 2020, which is full of real full screens, considering the special positioning of the gaming phone and false edge touches, some of its forehead and chin still retain some borders. This thickness is mainly to accommodate the front-side symmetrical stereo dual speakers. This time, the dual speakers are larger, upgraded from the second-generation 5 magnetic to 7 magnetic, and equipped with an independent intelligent NXP amplifier driver, and the tuning aspect uses the new Dirac HD Sound technology, which can perform pulse and frequency response Correction, while enhancing the bass and volume, eliminating sound staining, and broadening the sound field, the actual external amplifier effect is indeed improved to a certain extent compared with the second generation.

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If you wear headphones, ROG Gaming Phone 3 also supports Hi-Res AUDIO audio certification and exclusive optimization for specific types of game audio, which can also help players better listen to the voice in the game. Even with Bluetooth headsets, it supports all mainstream high-quality transmission protocols, such as aptX HD and LDAC, etc.

As for the screen itself, ROG Gaming Phone 3 has been upgraded to a faster 144Hz refresh rate and a higher 270Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate this time. The touch response time has also been reduced from 49ms in the previous generation to 25ms, and the sliding and hand response is only 18ms. , You can enjoy a smoother and smoother experience during screen interaction, game control and content browsing. In terms of brightness, manual maximum brightness is 500 nits, outdoor excitation brightness can reach 650 nits; in terms of color gamut and color accuracy, this screen also has 113% of DCI-P3 color gamut, 1.07 billion color color display, Delta E<1 The color accuracy and 10Bit HDR technology blessing.

With this screen and dual-speaker system, whether it is watching dramas, listening to songs or playing games, it can bring a more immersive and excellent experience. Unfortunately, due to the AMOLED 144HZ refresh rate screen, ROG gaming phone 3 does not include the DC dimming function, but this screen has also obtained the Rheinland hardware-level anti-blue eye protection certification and low-frequency flash certification.

In addition, ROG gaming phone 3 also optimized some of the screen display related options in the system, such as adding 144Hz and adaptive mode to the refresh rate options, and adding multiple preset color mode options to the screen color mode.

System and Function:

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let's talk about the system. ROG Game Phone 3 has improved a lot in the system UI and intelligent control center this time. The first is that the wallpaper is more cool, and the default system icon is more three-dimensional. Taking into account the aesthetics and tastes of different groups of people, the system also provides icon customization and native Android themes. Then there is the vibration of the system. As early as the ROG game phone 2, linear motors were used to make a ring of vibration in the game, enhancing the experience of game events, but the vibration adjustment on the system was slightly conservative. In the third generation, navigation gestures and Typing adds more realistic vibration feedback. With this ROG colorful tidal keyboard skin that I downloaded on a certain input method, it’s almost full, so you can also try this pink version.

As for the lock screen game pictorial, it is the traditional art of ROG gaming phones. Clicking the wallpaper name will jump to the download interface of the corresponding game, and swiping left and right will pop up multiple options menus. Users can choose to favorite wallpapers and fixed wallpapers. , Remove wallpaper or manually turn off the lock screen game pictorial and other functions.

Of course, the core UI and function adjustments are still based on the "kernel" that ROG has always built, that is, the intelligent control center, which basically covers all the players' operations on mobile phone performance scheduling and game auxiliary function settings. The UI of the homepage of the Smart Control Center is more agile this time. The center disc part has a rotating effect similar to a watch dial. The basic color is dark gray. Once the X mode is turned on, it will turn into red orange.

It is worth mentioning that this time X mode provides 3 levels of gears. The higher the gears, the higher the performance and the higher the power consumption. The highest 3 gears need to be activated after connecting the cooler fan accessories, and it is also added Customized multi-level adjustment of multiple parameters such as refresh rate, accuracy, follow-up and sensitivity, etc, to meet the needs of players for more flexible use.

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The new Air Triggers pressure-sensitive buttons are upgraded to a 2x2 four-button touch, that is, a sensor can be divided into two areas on the left and right for recognition, corresponding to the four button mapping effects. If you are not comfortable with tapping, you can also select the speed skating gesture to trigger, plus the function of sticking and connecting the fingers without leaving the button, greatly increasing the play ability. In many games, there are a lot of operations that require sliding to adjust the position of the field of view. The ordinary sliding Air Triggers button can help the player lock the target faster in the horizontal position. For example, when using a grenade to aim in the Peace Elite, you can slide to view the aiming area.

The intelligent control center provides comprehensive and detailed custom settings for each interactive mode. Users can fine-tune according to their habits and strength to ensure the most comfortable operation in the game. What's even more powerful is that ROG also launched the innovative game play of self-developed "shake" button mapping. As long as you shake the phone in the game, you can achieve special operations, such as switching weapons in the Peace Elite, which is full of creativity.

In addition, in the smart assist function, the user can customize the squeeze gesture of a single Air Triggers button. There are two types of short grip and long grip, and a specific pressure sensitivity level can also be set. This kind of squeeze operation It is suitable for use with relatively low frequency, but can greatly simplify the operation steps and improve the efficiency of the operation when it is critical, such as screenshots, turning on the camera, turning on the do not disturb mode, etc.

After opening and entering the game, a number of UI and function adjustments have been added to the side toolbar of the game. For example, the title background of the top bar has been changed to a dynamic gradient animation with a honeycomb texture, and the corners have also been sharply cut to fit the hard core temperament of the phone itself.

Old users should have noticed that a recording mark function has been added to the game bar. After turning it on, a virtual button will appear on the screen. The user can click to record a small video ranging from 5s to 30s at any time. After the recording is over, it will automatically save and pause. Click again when necessary. This feature can help users efficiently obtain the live game material they want, and easily share and edit videos with minimal performance impact. Of course, I think this real-time information display function is also very practical, after all, there are very few mobile phones with their own frame number and in-game battery display.

Hardware and Performance

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The historical ROG game phone hardware stacks are the highest-end among game phones, and ROG game phone 3 is no exception. It is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865Plus 5G SoC, full 12GB LPDDR5 large memory, 128GB starting UFS3.1 flash memory, support for Wi-Fi6 technology, 6000mAh battery capacity and 30W fast charging specifications. I will directly show the specific running scores of this 12+128GB classic version, so you can refer to it yourself.

Our Final Verdict

This year’s ROG gaming phone 3 gives me the feeling that hardware innovation has slowed down, but the software optimization and details have been refined a lot, especially for the integration of existing software and hardware functions. In appearance, the evolution of ROG Game Phone 3 appears to be more low-key and stable, but it is a bolder innovation in various expanded peripherals, indicating that ROG Game Phone 3 pays more attention to the comprehensive experience brought by software and hardware, and continues to explore hardware Its own potential. Of course, the overall performance of ROG Game Phone 3 in terms of configuration and performance is still very good. If now you want to have a game phone with all-round performance, unique experience, and full grid, then ROG Game Phone 3 will be a very Good choice.

Thank you for reading. We hope, you guys will keep supporting us. 

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