Apple Watch 6/SE Review: Best Smart watch in the market

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry


September 27th 2020

Since the appearance of Apple's watch in 2015, it has always been an "iPhone accessory", but now it seems that the iPhone is no longer the first step of Apple's ecology to the life scene, Apple Watch may be.

I vaguely remember that Apple Watch was looked down upon by many people at the beginning and said that it does not represent the future of the smartwatch industry. However, after so long, Apple Watch is now one of Apple’s important product lines. Imitation has never stopped apple watch.

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Rocking Review has received Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE from Apple for testing and evaluation. so lets not waste your time and lets jump into the evaluation.

The appearance and strap design of Apple Watch Series 6/SE

In terms of appearance design, the new Watch Series 6 has almost no change in the front side from the previous generation. It is still a square case design, and the case material is still available in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. However, in order to increase the recognition of new products, this time the aluminum metal case has added brighter blue and red options on the basis of the original silver, space gray and gold. The 44mm and 40mm cases are still available. The size is optional.

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Apple watch

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In addition to the change in the color of the case, the Watch Series 6 has also been redesigned on the strap this time. The silicone material, braided strap, and chain leather strap all adopt a new buckle-free design to further enhance the watch wear comfortability. The silicone material and the braided strap are provided with 9 sizes of straps for each of the two case sizes. Users can choose the corresponding straps according to the size of their own wrists. Of course, you can measure yourself according to Apple's official guidelines when purchasing. It is recommended that you go to an Apple store and ask the staff to give you the actual measurement and then choose the strap of the corresponding size.

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The newly designed chain leather strap allows users to adjust the size through a slightly curved molded flexible magnet, and then attach it to the wrist. Compared with the previous buckle and loop leather straps, it is more comfortable to wear and it is indeed more convenient to adjust. In addition, there is a newly designed luxury Hermes custom strap.

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Of course, the new strap also seamlessly supports the old Apple Watch. If you like the new strap but don't want to change to a new one, you can buy a strap that suits you separately.

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Perhaps Apple deliberately did this. The appearance design of Apple Watch SE has not been changed. It maintains the same size selection and appearance design as the 4/5/6 generation products. This is also understandable. There is no need to build a new product line to build a new one. The appearance of the watch case reserves the capital space for SE to ensure the improvement of hardware. There are two sizes of 44mm and 40mm, but the material of the watch case is only aluminum.

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The other thing to mention is the strap. The strap is mentioned in the experience every year, but the comfort of the strap is unmatched by other competing products, especially after the recent launch of smart watch products by many  brands. if you think about  the comfort of the strap: Apple Watch is the most preferred.

Hardware upgrades of the two watches: the sixth generation is stronger, the Apple6/SE watch is more cost-effective

The new Watch Series 6 is equipped with a high-definition retina screen that supports all-weather display like the previous generation, but the core chip is upgraded to a new S6 chip based on the latest A13 bionic chip modification and customization. The performance is about 20% higher than the previous generation S5 chip; Apple Watch SE uses the same screen quality as Series 6 and is equipped with a dual-core S5 SiP chip. How to say it, the core performance is between 4 and 5, but it is closer to the fifth generation.

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Brief comment: Apple Watch Series 6 maintains the general direction of "forward development, exploration and innovation", while Apple Watch SE maintains the "SE" level in performance. The positioning of SE is clear, so performance is approaching fifth level of generation, there is basically nothing to spray. Compared with the Android smart watches on the market, the price is more affordable, and it is basically a product that "leads in the door".  

Apple watch 6 Blood oxygen monitoring function: 95%-100% of the measured value is regarded as the ideal value

Sports health has always been the core advantage of Apple Watch that distinguishes it from other products of the same type. In addition to the powerful exercise algorithm developed by Apple, the case also has a combination of powerful sensors built in. The new Watch Series 6 is further enhanced this time, adding a new blood oxygen sensor based on the previous generation, and with the built-in blood oxygen app, it can monitor the user's current blood oxygen level in real time. Blood oxygen level is an important indicator to measure a person’s health. It helps to understand the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and the amount of oxygen input into the body. The arterial blood oxygen level at the wrist should be between 94% and 100%. .

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The brand new blood oxygen sensor is composed of four LED light clusters and four photodiodes. The manual blood oxygen measurement process takes 15 seconds. Among them, the red, green and infrared LEDs will illuminate the blood vessels in your wrist with light, and the photoelectricity The diode measures the amount of light that is fed back, and then uses an algorithm to calculate the color of the blood to determine its oxygen content. During the actual measurement, you need to keep your wrist as flat as possible, otherwise the measurement may fail (in order to maintain a static movement, it is indeed a bit difficult for people who have just finished rolling). Of course, in addition to manual measurement, the watch will also regularly monitor your blood oxygen level in the background of the system and display the data results on the health app on your mobile phone, so that you can clearly view the changes in blood oxygen level for a day.

In addition to blood oxygen monitoring, Watch Series 6 also supports functions such as heart rate monitoring, noise monitoring, and fall detection. It supports 50-meter water resistance, SOS emergency contact, and global emergency calls, etc.; Watch SE does not support the new Blood oxygen monitoring, but other monitoring functions are consistent with Series 6.

Brief comment: The measurement process is indeed a bit difficult for people who have just finished exercising. If you put it in normal times, the test time of 15 seconds is relatively static. It is OK, but if you have just finished rolling, you may not want to stay relatively static. It's too possible; I also want to talk about the reliability of the monitoring data. I believe many people have questioned heart rate monitoring in the previous generations. This time Apple has launched blood oxygen monitoring. It is estimated that the comment area will be fried, but I still have to say something : The Apple Watch category is not medical equipment in the true sense, and the price of professional medical equipment may not be acceptable to the consumer market. In fact, it can be seen from the fall detection and hand washing reminders that the Apple Watch is in the data detection Diversity, and all of this data monitoring does not mean that the Apple Watch monitoring data is unprofessional, but I just hope that some friends will not take the horns.  

Battery life issue: Maintain the battery life level of the previous generation, but charge faster

Let’s talk about battery life again. The power issue has always been one of the most concerned issues for users who are concerned about Apple Watch or want to buy Apple Watch products. Apple officially stated that Apple Watch Series 6 can be filled with 80% in one hour and the entire watch can be filled in 1.5 hours. .

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Brief comment: As a person wearing Apple Watch Series 5, the battery life problem is also a headache. After testing Apple Watch Series 6 for a few days, I did not feel that the battery life problem has been resolved, although iFixit disassembled the Apple Watch. Series 6 shows that the battery has increased. For example: I usually wear it at full power in the morning, go to work at 8 o'clock, and arrive home at around 19:30 (without overtime work). When I arrive at home, the battery is generally 60%-65% (the battery is in There is a decay in the cycle, this should be counted in), except for message notifications (including social software, standup notifications, etc.), there is not much exercise during working hours.

The situation of wearing Apple Watch Series 6 for a few days is similar. Go out with a full battery, and the battery life is between 70%-75% at home after get off work. The battery life is indeed the same, but it is worth mentioning the charging speed. Apple officials also said that Fast charge. For users with Apple Watch products, the perception of charging is fast.

Watch OS7 is the soul of Apple Watch, and "family sharing" is the real thing. 

In fact, it is said that Apple Watch is easy to use, and the key to it is watch OS. In this year’s WWDC20 Apple Watch product line, the public beta version of watch OS7 was first launched for developers to develop software. Until this time, watch OS7 is officially released. Here comes the official version. (In several points, I won’t repeat them one by one)

"New Dial": One dial per year, the appearance is reasonable

Every year, Apple Watch’s dial updates and changes are one of the most important points for users. This year is no exception. New dial designs such as artist dials and Emoji dials have been added. The artist dial has the personal style of the artist Geoff McFetridge and simple graphics. , Bright colors, the character's face can be switched by tapping the dial screen;

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The emoji watch face supports Apple's own Emoji and emoji created by users.

"Family Sharing": Stay connected with everyone

The addition of "family sharing" is definitely Apple's most powerful software planning and upgrade for "little geniuses". This time, "family sharing" involves not only the iPhone being paired with an Apple Watch, but also through family sharing. Other family members paired with Apple Watch, even children or the elderly who have never used iPhone, can enjoy a healthy lifestyle through Apple Watch. For children, Apple has designed many optimization schemes in the family sharing function. Parents can limit the functions of Apple Watch by setting the "class time" mode in the iPhone, allowing children to concentrate on learning.

Apple watch 6 /SE "Sleep Tracking": Not obsessed with sleep data

Apple’s purpose of joining sleep monitoring is more inclined to "not obsessed with data." Many people have sleep anxiety. After devices like Fibit, Garmin and other devices give sleep quality data, users will become more anxious and difficult to fall asleep. Question), and this time Apple’s sleep monitoring is based on the development of the user’s personal sleep habits, and is a positive way to further guide the user’s healthy life.

Our Final Verdict

Apple Watch Series 6 is a more comprehensive and complete flagship product. The sports and health functions are further strengthened, widening the gap with competing products, and making your watch more functional by seamlessly connecting with iPhone and other Apple ecological devices Intelligence is more powerful.

The emergence of Apple Watch SE is Apple's move to use "SE" to explore the product line market once again, and this time the SE brought about is the same as the fifth generation/function and the sixth generation except for the absence of blood oxygen monitoring. Under the circumstances, the price is close to the people. There is no doubt that Apple Watch SE is the most cost-effective smartwatch on the market.

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